Books Collect Dust in Shuttered, Partially Open L.A. School Libraries

Dixie Canyon Community Charter in Sherman Oaks is one of more than 100 of LAUSD schools that closed its libraries, according to KPCC. Many schools are finding ways to work around the shuttered library hours.

Students read in their school library.
Students read in their school library.
Without librarians or aides, schools cannot legally run a library. Years of budget constraints have forced almost 150 schools across the city to close its libraries while hundreds more are merely operating with a part-time library aide, according to recent figures obtained by KPCC.

Franny Perish, a library aide at Dixie Canyon Community Charter School in Sherman Oaks, said schools are forced with choosing one essential position, such as a counselor, library aide or school nurse, when being confronted with the cuts.

KPCC reports that the district used to pay for library workers directly, but in 2011 they were cut from the budget. Schools that wanted them had to find room in discretionary funds, which is creating tough choices.

Perish noted that, despite state law, oversight is lax, with classroom aides, parents and teachers filling in at dozens of school libraries. Schools that were caught to had shut down its libraries.

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