Readers' Choice: Where Do You Get the Best Ice Cream in Sherman Oaks?

It's a question that's relevant all year round, but especially when the summer temperatures start cresting in the 90s and above.

It's ice cream weather again.

Of course, as any ice cream lover will tell you, it doesn't have to be hot outside to enjoy some delicious ice-cream.

But it doesn't hurt.

Sometimes when that temperature keeps creeping up into the 90s and beyond, there's really nothing that will cool you off and cheer you up in the same way as ice cream.

But where do you go to get it?

What is your choice of the Best Ice Cream in Sherman Oaks?

Now is your chance to name your favorite and help it on its way to winning the Sherman Oaks Patch Readers' Choice award.

Pick from places such as , , , or name a place we haven't thought of.

Post your choice in the Comments Section below and the businesses with the most nominations will be entered in a Patch readers poll later this month. 

In August, when all the votes are in, we'll declare the winners of the Patch Readers' Choice Awards!

Veronica June 24, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Baskin Robins!


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