Elizabeth King Gets Honked At—Good and Bad [Video]

The Sherman Oaks resident was moved to carry a sign all day to promote the vote.

Elizabeth King has lived for eight years in Sherman Oaks, and despite the encroaching heat in the early afternoon, she plans to get her voice heard.

She picked a very busy intersection on the corner of Greenleaf Street and Beverly Glenn Boulevard.

There are those coming from the Westside going into the San Fernando Valley, and those lined up to head out of Sherman Oaks and into Beverly Hills.

Her sign says: “Americans Died for the RIGHT TO VOTE! Every Vote Counts.” Although she means her sign to be non-partisan, she does have a checkmark for Obama.

“I am angry about the Republicans trying to suppress the vote in a number of states, and that is just wrong,” she said.

There have been mostly positive honks and waves, but King said she has had her share of negative responses. One woman cried, that was good. Another driver shot her the finger, that was bad.

 “I did this four years ago and there was another issue, but I was for Obama then, too,” King said.

 See the video.


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