Mark's Garden Keeps on Blooming

The owners are slowly getting their flower shop back in service after a devastating fire.

Nearly three weeks after Mark's Garden burned due to a fire, the business still thrives. Even the day after the fire, Richard David, the co-owner of the longtime local flower shop, wrote on a blog:

We got burned but we rose quickly from the ashes.  This is us yesterday morning after the fire, up and running, almost as usual in the parking lot.  Our crew was so great, they didn’t miss a beat.  Luis was there all night.  Marco showed up at 2AM.  Mark went to the flowers market as usual. The crew set up camp at 6AM and things started rolling. Things never looked more beautiful!  We are so fortunate.  We will relocate temporarily at our spaces next door to Mark’s G

It's still unclear what the cause of the blaze was, and fire officials are still investigating.

However, the team of Mark Held and Richard David—who have done the governor's ball for the past 18 years at Oscars and worked for Josh Duhamel, Ellen DeGeneres, Katherine Heigl, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Adam Sandler, Jessica Simpson and more—still is bringing floral arrangements to the world.

Click here for a first look the day after the fire of inside the shop.


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