Hot Dog With Tiger Blood Heats Up Sherman Oaks Restaurant

Charlie Sheen may not have "warlock powers," but his tweets created some magic for a local restaurant owner.

Charlie Sheen’s antics over the last week may have left a bad taste in the mouth of many, but Robert Davitian, co-founder of a Sherman Oaks restaurant; “The Infield,” hopes he changes all that with his hottest new menu item, “Charlie Dog With Tiger Blood”.

“Our business is better than ever. It’s up 30% and we are hashtag winning thanks to Charlie Sheen,” Davitian said, referring to the Charlie Sheen-related trending topic on Twitter, "#winning."

The Infield is located at 14333 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks and is a baseball-themed restaurant complete with authentic stadium seating and memorabilia.

The menu has a huge assortment of hot dogs and and other specialties like “Fire Starter Fries.”

Davitian said the hot dog was Sheen’s creation and toppings include chopped onions, relish, tomatoes, pickle, peppers, mustard and Sriracha hot chili sauce, which is the winning ingrediant, “Tiger Blood” in the house special. The hot dog sells for $5. 

“I live in Sherman Oaks and probably wouldn’t have come in this restaurant but when I read about the “Charlie Dog With Tiger Blood.” on Twitter, I had to come over and try it. I love spicy food, so it’s a winner wiener,” said Tak-Flite Records Manager, Fatanah Omid La Fleur.

La Fleur said she doesn’t agree with Sheen’s behavior but hopes for his children’s sake he gets it together soon.

Davitian said that he wasn’t in the restaurant when the whole thing went down on March 2 but his manager told him Sheen came in asked specifically for the "Charlie Dog."  He said the manager didn’t know what was in it, so he called Davitian for advice.

“ I told him to make it with whatever Charlie wants,” Davitian said.

Davitian said after receiving his made-to-order dog, Sheen unexpectedly moved the seating bleachers, then jumped up on the tables to write the menu item on the chalkboard himself and snapped a photo with his phone, which he later tweeted.

“Get'm while they're hot..! #charliedog #tigerblood http://twitpic.com/45ge8f.” Sheen tweeted.

As of March 5, Sheen had 1,820,870 Twitter followers and it has been reported on multiple news outlets that he gained 1 million followers in a 48-hour period last week which may explain the boost in sales at the restaurant.

“That was kind of weird, but we get a lot of celebrities in here and so we just let him do his thing. Other than that he was calm and quiet,” Davitian said.

Davitian said he has been pleasantly surprised by the huge surge in business and continued to make puns based on Sheen-isms including the comment, “I’m not bipolar, I’m bi-winning” which Sheen had said in a recent ABC interview.

“We want to hear from Charlie’s people so we can open a second location and then we can be bi-winning too,” Davitian said.

notmyfault March 07, 2011 at 06:58 PM
JSmith May 14, 2011 at 12:09 AM
Ingredient, not ingrediant.


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