CaCee Cobb is Quite a Sight, Selena Tweets About Arclight, Liam Hemsworth Grabs a Bite

Whom have you seen around Sherman Oaks?

Selena Gomez was so proud of seeing her Hotel Transylvania wall at the Sherman Oaks Arclight, she Tweeted about it. (She was a voice in the animated film.) 

She wrote: "Sherman Oaks Arclight with a full Hotel Transylvania wall. Crazy!! You can barely see me lol" . . . .

CaCee Cobb won’t be playing second fiddle to Jessica Simpson or anyone except her baby. She’s pregnant and loving it, and went for a crazy-craving meal at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks last weekend. Her hubby is actor and funnyman Donald Faison.

Check her photos out at CelebrityBabyScoop.com.

When he's not pumping gas in Studio City or running errands, Liam Hemsworth is out lunching with friends. (See photos here.) . . . 


Also check out Mr. Studio City.


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