Dani Fishman Parker
A Southern California native, Dani began writing extensive entries in her journal at the age of 8 and quickly blossomed into a poet, short story writer, and the official love letter author for all of her friends.
After graduating high school at 16, her parents gave her two options: College or Full-Time Work. Dani’s ambivalence about college led her to opt for a job in the entertainment industry, where she bought, sold and marketed talent (and a bit of her soul) for the next twenty years. At 33, Dani found herself married and pregnant. At 34, she found herself divorced, jobless and homeless, with a 10 month old baby girl on her hip. Dani appreciates her struggles and life experiences for leading her back to writing. When she had nothing else, she found her voice again, and hasn’t looked back. In addition to her weekly Patch column, her often raw, frequently amusing, and always thought-provoking stories and articles have been published several places including Adams Wedding Dress, Modern Single Family Magazine, and Circle of Moms.
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