14 Cool Places in Studio City

From a walk along the river to the pool at Sportsmen's Lodge, where can you stay cool?

It's going to be another scorcher in Studio City today, and most of the weekend. The authorities are giving out ideas of . So, it's time to look for places to stay cool.

found some of the more secret places to get out of the heat.

Click on the name of the place for details where and how to get there.

Do you know other places? Leave the ideas in the COMMENTS area below.

* People may not know it, but if you pay $20 a head for a day pass, then you can go swimming at the hotel pool.

* The name says it all.

* A Start at the riverwalk along Valleyheart and the trees will shade you, and click on the link for details.

. The name says it all.

* . One of the coolest places for baked goods.

. The name says it all.

* . So cool that goes there.

The name says it all.

* . Discounts are between noon and 4 p.m. and the are there often.

* . The name says it all.

*—always air conditioned, and always a available.

*  The name says it all.

* The fountains at .

*  Of course, the name says it all.

And, just in case you need a warning....


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