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Millikan Middle School Students Cast Their Vote

Obama won handily, but the students debated all choices.

About 97 percent of the 2,200 students at Millikan Middle School in Sherman Oaks cast their votes, even though most of them won’t be able to vote for real until next presidential election.

“This gives them a sense of being involved in the election,” said 6th grade civics teacher Chris McLemore. “We try to get them involved in the process, and see what the outcome is.”

Not everyone registered properly in their history class, so not all of them got to vote. However, a majority seemed to be voting for Obama, and voters could have their picture taken with lifesized figures of each candidate.

The 10 a.m. tally had Romney with 67 votes and Obama with 339.

Eighth grade class president Jennifer Ramos said, “We respect everyone’s opinion and their choices.” She said she watched all of the debates and the vice presidential debate and enjoyed them all. “Both contenders have a lot to say and have good policies for our country,” she said.

The students ran the voting booths and counted the ballots, then they tallied the results hourly.

Teachers Jodi Huff and Erin Tanguay created the Civics Academy in the school 12 years ago—the only academy of its kind in the district.

“This is the third time we are doing it for a presidential campaign, and our third time to go to the inauguration,” said Tanguay. Students from their academy have gone on to study law in Princeton, Stanford and University of California, Berkeley.

The academy is continuing to fundraise to send the students to witness the presidential inauguration in January. Click here for more information.

Jerry November 08, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Most people under 40 voted for Obama because they view him,and the Democrats, as rock stars or Santa Claus bearing gifts. Once they have kids and own a home, they will then view the Ds as socialists, grabbing money for their pet projects, and to give raises to themselves by way of pension for life and medical for life. No one gives me pension and medical for life, I pay it myself, so can the government workers-all of them. My money( taxes), should not go to pay for their lifestyle for life. I pay my own medical, so can they, especially now that their pay is much higher then the private setor. The wolf is guarding the hen house. In CA, it is now going to get worse because of the 2/3 majority has been reached in both houses, and a D- Governor. But, come to think of it, many 40 and under survive because their parents worked their a--es off, and their kids think they can just do,nothing ,sleep, and elect Santa Claus. Parents---throw your grown kids out of the House!!!!!!!!


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