Hooray for Millikan! Middle School Wins Award

Millikan receives cash award from Intel Foundation for its innovative math, science programs.

in Sherman Oaks has received $5,000 from the Intel Foundation for being one of 18 schools across the country to introduce innovative math and science programs.

"This is a great honor, and it shows you the great work that our teachers and students are doing in the math and science area," said Millikan Principal John Plevack in a telephone interview. Plevack was returning from a dinner Wednesday in Washington, DC, where the awards were announced.

In giving Millikan the award, Intel released a statement saying, "At Millikan Middle School, student success is largely driven by a uniquely dedicated staff, despite lack of funding and modern technology. For example, the entire school of 2,260 students shares just 50 graphing calculators!"

Millikan has long been considered one of the bright lights among schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. It has consistently scored high in district-wide test exams. The school population is diverse, and 28 different languages are spoken among its students.

"Teachers are constantly communicating with parents on student progress," says Carlos Contreras, Intel’s U.S. education director. "Students attend tutoring during lunch and after school to ensure they understand the material," he said.

Intel sponsors the Schools of Distinction Awards to honor schools for implementing innovative math and science programs and serving as models for other schools.

"There are lots of new ways to educate 21st-century students, and they are on the cutting edge of that," Contreras said.

Momlee September 22, 2011 at 05:37 PM
In the 70's my children went to Millikan and it was a much sort after school back then. As a former real estate agent the most asked questions by potential home buyers was, will my child be in the Millikan/Grant school district? Back then busing was initiated. Most parents immediately took their children out of public schools if finances permitted. For my family when we discussed private vs public we went private. I was totally against permitting my children to be bused starting at 6AM daily when they were in elementary school. Riverside drive school was the best at the time but didn't have a choice. Years later we switched to Millikan. The teachers were great and my children had the best education. High school was totally private for us. Sherman Oaks schools were wonderful. Today both of my children are successful and I feel it was due to the impact these schools had on them. They both had a free ride to go to college. They say it takes a village to raise a family and it's so true. Participation by parents had a lot to do with successful children. Parents were total involved then. Thank goodness my kids were athletes which opened the door for college. Sherman Oaks has been the best area for our kids and continues to be in demand for home-buyers.
LA Momma September 24, 2011 at 03:44 AM
Loved Millikan, Erwin and Grant. Still do! Millikan particularly is an example of what can happen when *parents* get involved in their children's education. One child went in '97 another in '10 and it's still great. There are definitely jewels in the LAUSD system and I especially appreciate that LAUSD helps some of the least represented students in our town where no other school would touch them. Public school booster :-)


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