Video: Wendy Greuel in Sherman Oaks,Talking About the Mayor's Race

Appearing at the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council, L.A. City Controller Wendy Greuel talked about her plans to run for Mayor in 2013.

In her campaign to become L.A.'s first woman mayor, Wendy Greuel appeared at the Sherman Oaks Neighborood Council's monthly meeting and talked about her efforts to reduce the cost of city government.

Greuel's campaign website calls her the "Pothole Queen." 

"L.A. has had a black mayor, a white Republican mayor and a Latino mayor. Maybe it's time to have a woman," GOP consultant Allan Hoffenblum told Rick Orlov, political reporter at the Los Angeles Daily News..

Greuel talked to Sherman Oaks Patch Editor Doug Kriegel in this accompanying video interview.

Skraeling July 25, 2011 at 08:27 PM
this opportunist is our local version of Sarah Palin! Before she runs for mayor, maybe she could repay the tax payers that had to vote in a special election costing millions, to replace her after she was elected just a few months before...and now she wants to do it again? When will LA residents wake up to the scheming and corrupt politicians that have destroyed this once great city?
Jennifer July 29, 2011 at 11:12 PM
@Jack Please. LA boast a long record of corrupt officials, accused child molesters, Confederate officers, KKK members, and crime bosses. We've had 3 recalls; 1 successful. Another mayor, ended his term in a felony conviction. Yet another, profited from city projects with insider trading. You claim this "once great city" is being trashed by an ambitious, qualified woman of high political standing who has a remarkable record of integrity. SP quit because she was in danger of being indicted for fraud. There is a difference. Many male politicians leave office before the term ends for political advancement. So, your point is they are both female? WG called shenanigans on the false notion that LA is making money from privatizing operations of traffic light photo infractions. I for one am sick of the kick-backs and sweetheart deals with developers, and the on-going privatization of our publicly-funded resources. As controller, she has managed to make her time in office matter.
Jennifer July 29, 2011 at 11:12 PM
Read: Rasmussen, "The City of Angeles Has Had Mayors With Demons," Los Angeles Times, May 8, 2005, B-2 Available w/ your LAPL card (at least until the city sells off the LAPL*) http://tinyurl.com/3famldh From Liberty magazine "The Lid Off Los Angeles," Nov 1939 - "Until [Mayor] Shaw [...] was handed [his] hat [...] the city of LA for 20 years had been, almost uninterruptedly, run by an underworld government invisible to the average citizen." Selling off the LAPL * http://tinyurl.com/43s7vk8 * http://bit.ly/r5wwW4
Skraeling July 30, 2011 at 04:56 AM
OH, puleeze, your list of LA failures is supposed to justify all present and future bad behavior? I don't care if Gruel is a woman or man, or whatever, Palin was not going to be indicted and you know it....but, like Palin, Wendy Gruel is using one elected position, not completing that, and stepping up to something else, costing the taxpayers millions in election costs. She is not alone, by any means, but I tire of hearing how good she is....I live in Studio City and see daily what a poorly run district it has become since Joel Wachs left. Wendy Gruel knew about much of what you think she is investigating now when she was on the city council, the special tickets for special folks, the cost over runs and everything else but suddenly is "cleaning" the city of corruption? How did those developers in Studio City get permits to build over 4000 units with no infrastructure improvements? Where was she? As for the male counterpart, yes, many do the same thing and it WRONG...Zev Yaraslovsky is now going to oppose Gruel...both will leave their offices and we pay for it....He, irregardless of your views, must be held directly responsible for much of what is wrong in LA...from the decaying of Chandler Pavillion to the years wasted fighting the subway...Neither of these people will be good for LA....it is clear to anyone who has paid attention.


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