Signs of Trouble: That New Traffic Light at Radford & Ventura and Signs Around Fryman

Lisa Sarkin answers questions about your community.

That Traffic Light at Ventura and Radford


With the new traffic light set-up at Radford at Ventura Boulevard, traffic is not only backed-up for blocks but the (left arrow into ) etc.is badly timed...the Green thru-traffic signal should precede the arrow so cars going into the parking lot can wait for the arrow. As it is, if one is in line to make the turn and behind cars going straight on Ventura Boulevard they will miss the turn signal - and wait an entire light change before they can move in the left turn lane. Who do we contact to make suggestions? It's not that big a problem for them, just a delayed timer.—Thanks.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council, Councilman Paul Krekorian’s staff, the Ventura/Cahuenga Blvd. Corridor Specific Plan Review Board and myself, have contacted the Department of Transportation about the situation at Radford Avenue on Ventura Boulevard.  Actually, I had an accident while stopped waiting for the Radford lights to change three weeks ago. 

I was told by a DOT staff member that the timing of the left turn arrows is not the problem. He believes that the problems are caused by the median east of Radford and the lack of enough space for cars turning left onto Radford and into the parking lot. 

The length of the median east of Radford is being recalculated with the thought that it may have to be shortened to make a longer left turn pocket and a repainting of the pocket to the west of Radford.  I hope this process is being expedited.

At Shady Oak Near Fryman Canyon Park

There is a sign on Shady Oak Road near a trailhead to the Fryman hiking trail claiming that it is a private road and there is no parking. It doesn't look like an official sign (see photos). Is this legally enforceable or are the residents of that street just trying to prevent non-residents from using a public street? Is there a penalty for posting your own street signs? I have attached a couple of pictures for reference.—Nora Dunn

Dear Nora: 

A private road is not under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles. It is legal for the property owners to put up such a sign and maintain it. The property owners would need to contract with the towing company and the LAPD. The official city map, ZIMAS, clearly shows a private road at the location you described. 

It is a misdemeanor to post signs on city property, but this sign is legally placed at the beginning of the private road.

Miki Henderson November 21, 2011 at 10:40 PM
Thank you Lisa Sorkin, you are a great community asset. I was nearly in three accidents just this weekend in that very intersection and I am calling the above name that you gave to complain, but I worry that it may only get worse! Does someone have to die to have this fixed? How can that be an improvement??!
s November 22, 2011 at 12:06 AM
While we're at it--what's with the light at Aqua Vista and Vineland? Drivers waiting to turn left onto Vineland from Aqua Vista used to have a nice long light so that clients of the hotel had enough time to turn, as well as neighborhood drivers (and those stopped at the awkward stop sign at Aqua Vista). Now, the light is so short for us that only a few cars can turn, after which we are waiting for a very long time for another green light. Why was this changed?
Lisa Sarkin November 28, 2011 at 05:13 PM
S - please contact Geoff, I agree that the light is not timed correctly.
Mike Szymanski November 28, 2011 at 05:37 PM
Hmmm, maybe we should find out what people think are the 5-10 worst intersections in Studio City... I'm sure we can all agree on the top 5, that's easy, but some are cropping up in our conversations that I don't know as much about... thanks for your input!
s December 01, 2011 at 01:48 AM
I'll do that!


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