Studio City's Low Density and Valley Village?

Questions answered by local historian and activist Lisa Sarkin.

Does Studio City still have the lowest density in the city? Last census it was density of 5,395 people per square mile, among the lowest densities for the City of Los Angeles, I wonder if this time around it’s less.

—Clark von Desmonds


Hi Clark – More than 600 units were added to Studio City since 2000, so I believe there are more people per square mile. There are now 36,713 and in 2000 there were 34,104. I will let you figure out the density because I do not know what formula you used.


Did Studio City ever incorporate parts of Valley Village, and then it break off?

The southeast corner of the San Fernando Valley had many names and around the turn of the 20th Century Studio City existed, but soon afterward it was changed to North Hollywood.  Valley Village, Valley Glen, Studio City and Toluca Lake were all part of North Hollywood until ZIP codes began to be used. As time went on, more of the smaller communities broke away from North Hollywood to form community groups and Neighborhood Councils.  Actually, North Hollywood is still very large. There are three Neighborhood Councils that represent North Hollywood.



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