Sherman Oaks Elections Results 2012

Election results from Sherman Oaks.

Sherman Oaks voted in mass quantities, and the pollsters seem ready for it.

“This is one of the busiest precincts in the whole city, I am told,” said Shoshana Riesenfeld, who has been a precinct clerk or inspector at Burrill Hall at the Millikan Middle School voting site in Sherman Oaks since 2000.

“In 2008, it was lined out into the parking lot by 8 a.m., and this morning at 6:45 a.m. there was a line, but we are managing it,” Riesenfeld said. “We have two precincts here, and there used to be more, but we are still one of the busiest in the city.”

Riesenfeld said there is a very high turnout, but she doesn’t yet know if it is a record.

“There will be a lot of people at lunchtime, and then a lot of people after work,” she said. “I expect that we will be here long after polls closed because of the people who are in line and don’t get in to vote. But if you are in line, you will vote.”

Connie Covert, a Millikan mom, said she will be taking her twin daughters to the voting booth just like she did when they were in strollers. 

"It's a family tradition that they come with me, and the poll workers don't like it when they come behind the curtain with me, but it is so important," said Covert, who lives in the Valley Village/Studio City area. She is a Democrat. "I even had them put their hand in my hand when we vote." The responsibility of voting is now in their DNA.

Sherman Oaks mom Jill Spector said she and her daughter will also go to the polls after school is out. Her daughter is in the Civics Academy at Millikan and is holding their own vote where Obama is winning overwhelmingly against Romney.

"I think watching the children do this among themselves is so inspiring, it truly is democracy in action," Spector said.

What are people saying? How are the votes going in both the local and national races?


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How have locals citizens voted in past elections? It's not surprising to find out that the area voted overwhelmingly for Barak Obama in the 2008 election over John McCain. 

What are you most interested in besides the presidential election?

If you have trouble at the polls, please contact us immediately or leave notes in the COMMENT area, and if you have other thoughts about the election or how the day is going, please leave your thoughts. You can also post your own photos as well.



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