Scanner Report: Stakeout Nets Stolen Cars, Suspected Car Thief [PHOTOS]

This is the Scanner Report, detailing some police and fire incidents that happened in the Valley, overheard on the radio.

January 29, 2012



9:02 p.m.  11100 block of Alleghany Street, Sun Valley

LAFD Light Force 77 is dispatched to the scene of an "auto fire" on the residential street.


9:05 p.m.  15000 block of Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks

Van Nuys Division LAPD patrol units are dispatched to "back up" another patrol unit that has already reponded to Metro Bus location for a "415 man" (a man is creating a violent disturbance).


9:09 p.m.  17200 block of Ventura Boulevard, Encino

West Valley Division LAPD patrol units are called to the scene of an "unknown trouble" call (911 operator has received a distress call traced to the location where the caller is unable to communicate the reason for calling) at the business location. Two West Valley patrol units are responding "code 3" (with lights and sirens).


9:15 p.m.  17200 block of Ventura Boulevard, Encino

West Valley LAPD officers have investigated the scene and radio to the other units and the dispatcher and advise that the "unknown trouble" call is "an argument only." All units are given a "code 4," (incident is under control, no further response needed) and directed to return to their normal patrol.


9:16 p.m.  11100 block of Alleghany Street, Sun Valley

Light Force 77 has arrived at the scene of the "auto fire" and discover that it is a possible stolen vehicle, after running a license plate check through DMV's computer. The crew requests for Operations Command Dispatch (OCD) to notify LAPD about this; the vehicle is described as a "late model Chevy mini pickup truck."


9:30 p.m.  5300 block of Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood

North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol units are dispatched to the "attempted tresspass suspects, there now" incident. Two male suspects, one wearing a "dark blue and red baseball cap and a white t-shirt," and the other is wearing "a hooded sweatshirt"  were denied entry into the 24-Hour Fitness gym. A lone female attendant is the only employee on the premises at the moment. Officers are directed to respond to the rear entrance, behind Lankershim Boulevard.


9:31 p.m.  5300 block of Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood

Two North Hollywood LAPD patrol units radio the dispatcher that they are "code 6" (physically present) at the scene.

9:34 p.m.  5300 block of Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood

A North Hollywood LAPD patrol unit radios the dispatcher, and advises that they are now "at scene with the trespass suspects" on Lankershim Boulevard, south of Weddington Street.

9:39 p.m.  Lankershim Boulevard and Weddington Street, North Hollywood

One of the North Hollywood officers radios the supervisor on the scene, and says that he checked out the "attempted tresspass suspects" and they have "no wants and warrants" (they are not wanted for any crimes or have any outstanding warrants for arrest). The officer says that according to the men, they were there because "one of the guys' sister-in-law was in there" and "they were denied entrance, so they walked away." The officer queries the supervisor if they received a consistent story when they talked with the same men. The officer then asks, "what do you want to with them?"

January 30, 2012



12:35 a.m.  Vineland Avenue and Hesby Street, North Hollywood

A North Hollywood Division Patrol Unit radios the dispatcher that they "just got a Lo-Jack hit," which is an alert from a theft recovery device hidden on the stolen vehicle that sends a radio signal to receiver-equipped police cars (Lo-Jack is the brand name). The computer message generated from the radio signal tells them to look for a white, 1993 Infiniti 4-door. 

An LAPD helicopter is requested to help search for the stolen vehicle, which could be parked in the area.


12:38 a.m.  Orion Avenue and Parthenia Street, North Hills

Mission Division LAPD patrol units are now searching the area for a hit-and-run driver that crashed his car into several parked vehicles. He was reportedly described by an eyewitness as a "30-year-old male, wearing a black shirt and jeans."


12:39 p.m.  Vineland Avenue and Hartsook Street, North Hollywood

The North Hollywood patrol unit is now receiving a stronger Lo-Jack signal and radio the dispatcher that they are near the intersection of Vineland Avenue and Hartsook Street. The officers continue their search among the parked vehicles.

The LAPD helicopter radios the North Hollywood patrol unit, and requests a description of the stolen vehicle, and if needed, they can assist in the incident. In the meantime, the LAPD helicopter will stay out of the immediate area so the suspect is not tipped off by its presence.

The North Hollywood patrol unit will stake out the area, to possibly catch the alleged car thief in posession of the stolen vehicle.

12:42 a.m.  Vineland Avenue and Hartsook Street, North Hollywood

"15 A-85" (LAPD's patrol car identification; an LAPD "A" unit, aka "Adam" unit, consists of two patrol officers), the primary North Hollywood patrol unit, has finally located the stolen Infiniti, and it's parked in a residential area on Hartsook Street, between Vineland Avenue and Riverton Avenue. Another North Hollywood patrol unit, "15 A-3" will assist in the stake-out of the stolen vehicle.

12:45 a.m.  northbound Cedros Avenue, Panorama City

Mission Division patrol unit, "19 A-75" is now pursuing a "suspect vehicle" traveling northbound on Cedros Avenue, north of Roscoe Boulevard. An LAPD helicopter, another patrol unit, and "a supervisor" are requested to assist in the pursuit of a "silver Dodge Stratus." (It is unknown why this vehicle is being pursued, but the driver did not comply to a traffic stop by the officers in the pursuing patrol car.)

The Dodge Stratus has navigated through several residential streets and is now traveling southbound on Kester Avenue, with the Mission Division patrol unit behind it.


12:46 a.m.  northbound Noble Avenue and Chase Street, Panorama City

The Dodge Stratus has reversed directions and is now heading northbound from Roscoe Boulevard, passing Chase Street. The Mission "base" dispatcher radios another request for an LAPD airship (helicopter).


12:47 a.m.  Rayen Street and Noble Avenue, Panorama City

LAPD's "Air 10" is now responding to assist in the chase. The suspect car is now traveling eastbound on Rayen Street, then northbound onto Noble Avenue, with "19 A-75" immediately behind. The pursuing officers trap the Dodge Stratus in the Broadmoor Street cul-de-sac at Lemona Avenue, where the "suspect bailed" (abandoned the vehicle to escape on foot).


12:48 p.m.  Broadmoor Street cul-de-sac and Lemona Avenue, Panorama City 

Mission Division patrol units are now creating a "perimeter" (a police boundary set-up to contain the "outstanding suspect." The suspect is described as a "male, 22 years old, wearing all black (clothing)." The suspect was last seen running northbound, possibly toward Nordhoff Street.


1:04 a.m.  3100 block of Dona Marta Drive, Studio City

A resident calls 911 to report a possible buglary "in progress." The caller tells police "she can hear windows opening." North Hollywood patrol units are responding, and the dispatcher radios a request for "an air unit."

LAPD's "Air 10" hears the North Hollywood dispatcher's request, and informs the dispatcher that they will be delayed in a response, as they are assisting with the perimeter in the Mission Division.


1:11 a.m.  3100 block of Dona Marta Drive, Studio City

North Hollywood patrol units have arrived at the alleged "459 (burglary) in progress" scene and have investigated the incident scene. The officers determine there is "no evidence of a 459" and cancel the request for an airship.


1:12 a.m.  Broadmoor Street and Lemona Avenue perimeter, Panorama City

A Mission Division patrol unit is detaining a possible suspect involved in the earlier pursuit, and calls for the patrol unit officers who observed the suspect to come to their location and verify that it's the same person.


1:19 a.m.  Noble Avenue and Rayen Street, Panorama City

Additional Mission Division patrol units are requested to the area around Noble Avenue and Rayen Street to assist with a search of the grounds (for possible evidence) near there.


1:52 a.m.  Hartsook Street, between Vineland Avenue and Riverton Street, North Hollywood

15 A-85 has been "code 5" on Hartsook Street for over an hour. (A "code 5" means the officers are on a "stake-out"; the patrol unit is secretly observing the area near the stolen vehicle. Giving the "code 5" informs all other marked patrol cars to stay clear of the location during the operation.

During their stake-out, 15 A-85 gets "another Lo-Jack hit" signalling another possible stolen vehicle. They observe the "2010 white Jeep" pass by them, traveling eastbound on Hartsook Street.


1:52 a.m.  Hartsook Street, between Vineland Avenue and Riverton Street, North Hollywood

15 A-85 asks another patrol unit to keep an eye out for the stolen white Jeep, as they are still continuing their stake-out for the car thief of the 1993 Infiniti.


1:54 a.m.  Hartsook Street, between Vineland Avenue and Riverton Street, North Hollywood

"Air 16," another LAPD helicopter, is now in the vicinity over North Hollywood. They will help 15 A-85 find the second Lo-Jack transmitting vehicle.


1:55 a.m.  Camarillo Street and Craner Avenue, West Toluca Lake

15 A-85 has located the second stolen vehicle, and it is unoccupied and now parked on Camarillo Street near Craner Avenue.


1:58 a.m.  Hartsook Street and Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood

15 A-85 has returned to their "original code 5 location" and will continue watching the stolen Infiniti. Another North Hollywood patrol unit is watching the second stolen car, the Jeep parked on Camarillo Street.


2:27 a.m.  11000 block of Hartsook Street, North Hollywood

The "code 5" North Hollywood patrol units hatch a plan to possibly motivate the alleged car thief to go back to the stolen Infiniti. An officer mentions seeing a party at a residence on Hartsook Street and believes the car thief might be attending it. The officers devise to "break up the party" then pretend to leave the area. The officers will then return and observe if anybody approaches the stolen vehicle.


2:39 a.m.  11000 block of Hartsook Street, North Hollywood

During the shuffle, somehow the driver of the stolen Infiniti was able to drive off from where it was parked. The primary unit, 15 A-85, requests for another Lo-Jack equipped patrol car and the Lo-Jack equipped air unit to help re-locate the stolen vehicle.


2:40 a.m.  Cahuenga Boulevard and Huston Street, North Hollywood

North Hollywood patrol unit, 15 A-3, has picked up a "Lo-Jack hit" in the area of Cahuenga Boulevard and Huston Street. The signal they receive is from the white 1993 Infiniti. The signal indicates that the vehicle is moving.


2:42 a.m.  northbound on Willowcrest Avenue from Huston Street, North Hollywood

LAPD's Air 18 is now responding to the scene. 15 A-3 is still tracking the stolen Infiniti and it is shown to be traveling northbound on Willowcrest Avenue.


2:44 a.m.  Riverton Avenue and Otsego Street, North Hollywood

North Hollywood unit 15 A-85 has been tracking the stolen vehicle from the north, near Magnolia Avenue and Riverton Avenue, and finally spots the white Infiniti. 15 A-85 radios to the other units and the airship, that the vehicle is traveling "northbound on Riverton at Otsego (Street); there is one occupant in the vehicle."

15 A-85 requests for a "back-up" patrol unit to their location.


2:45 a.m.  Riverton Avenue and Otsego Street, North Hollywood

15 A-85 has stopped the stolen Infiniti and requests any "backup units to respond southbound on Riverton Avenue (from Magnolia Boulevard)."


2:47 a.m.  Riverton Avenue and Otsego Street, North Hollywood

15 A-85 radios out a "code 4, sufficient units" (situation is under control, no additional units need respond). The officers of 15 A-85, the primary unit, take the suspect into custody.

Officer Chris Kelly (P-3 rank, LAPD training officer), and Officer Alex Royal (P-1 rank, recent LAPD Academy grad and new officer on the force) are the two officers in North Hollywood's "15 A-85" patrol unit (see photos). Officer Kelly stated that "the suspect (of the stolen Infiniti) was arrested without resistance." The officers contacted the registered owner to notify her that they recovered her stolen vehicle.

At the incident scene, Officer Kelly requested if he could get some pictures from Patch. Kelly told Officer Royal to "Smile big, these photos are going to your Mom." Royal couldn't help but oblige, grinning as he checked and secured the stolen vehicle.

Note: The second stolen vehicle, the white 2010 Jeep, was watched by other officers as it sat parked on Camarillo Street, but the driver (alleged car thief) never returned to it. The car was towed away and impounded that night.


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