Scanner Report: Restaurant Violence, False 911 Call, and 'No Evidence of a Screaming Woman'

This is the Scanner Report, detailing some police and fire incidents in the Valley and Los Angeles, overheard on the scanner.


January 22, 2012


3:16 p.m.  Fletcher Drive off-ramp and 5 Freeway, Elysian Park

Los Angeles Fire Department rescue units, Light Force 8 and Rescue 5 (ambulance) are responding to a report of a person who may have possibly fallen into the Los Angeles River. One of the responding trucks is too large to access the river at the original entry, and is heading to the access gate at Fletcher Drive, near the 5 Freeway.

3:20 p.m.  2 Freeway and 5 Freeway, Elysian Park

LAFD Rescue 5 radios Light Force 8 and advises them that they have spoken to "some kids fishing under the bridge" and the kids say they did not see anybody or anything happen near their location. LAFD Light Force 8 is still continuing the search from the other access point to the L.A. River.

3:22 p.m.  Fletcher Drive and 5 Freeway, Elysian Park

After interviewing several bikers on the bike path that runs alongside the L.A. River, all who say that they "did not see anything" or call 911. Light Force 8 and Rescue 5 determine that this is a "false" 911 call and notify Operation Command Dispatch (OCD).Rescue 5 reminds Light Force 8 to "please lock the gate on the way back out."


4:10 p.m.  Victory Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard, Van Nuys

LAFD Light 39 requests another Basic Life Services ambulance to the scene of an injury traffic accident at the intersection. OCD dispatches Rescue Ambulance 909 to the incident.

6:30 p.m.  near the Burbank Airport, North Hollywood border

Burbank's police helicopter "Burbank Air 1" radios the North Hollywood Dispatcher about a possible "245 vehicle" (assault with a deadly weapon; the vehicle is the weapon) in the vicinity of the Burbank Airport. The helicopter will assist if needed, to pursue the alleged assailant into Burbank city limits.

The North Hollywood dispatcher informs Burbank Air 1 that the  "245 vehicle" is a blue GMC truck with lights on top, and the person reporting the crime (also the victim of the possible assault) is now following the suspect and is driving a Cadillac.

Burbank Air 1 asks if there are any North Hollywood LAPD patrol cars in pursuit of the assailant's vehicle. The North Hollywood dispatcher responds that "units are enroute" but there are no LAPD cars following the vehicle into Burbank.

8:22 p.m.  Kraft Avenue and Moorpark Street, North Hollywood

North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol units are responding to the scene of a possible assault and battery on a male victim that occurred at the street corner. A caller reports a male assailant who "struck the victim in the mouth." The assailant was accompanied by two other males. The suspects have left the scene in an unknown direction.

8:24 p.m.  Chandler Boulevard and Whitsett Avenue, Sherman Village

A North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol unit has finished investigating the scene of a "screaming woman" call. The patrol officer at the location radios the dispatcher and declares a "code 4" (situation is under control, no further units need respond) concluding that there is "no evidence of a screaming woman."

The dispatcher repeats the transmission to the other North Hollywood units, "Code 4, no evidence of a screaming woman."

8:27 p.m.  Foothill Boulevard and Hubbard Street, Sylmar

Mission Division LAPD patrol units are called to the scene of an "ambulance battery" at the business location. The 911 operator has informed the Mission Division dispatcher that the alleged male assailant is possibly "still at the location." The dispatcher alerts responding patrol units that "a struggle can be heard, then the line was disconnected." LAPD patrol units are responding "code 3" (with lights and sirens) to Caruso's Restaurant, the possible crime scene.

8:27 p.m.  Foothill Boulevard and Hubbard Street, Sylmar

LAFD's Engine 91 and Rescue Ambulance 88 are dispatched to the scene of an "assault" at the restaurant location.

9:56 p.m.  15300 block of Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks

Van Nuys Division LAPD are called to the scene of a "possible 415 group fight" at the Cheesecake Factory.

A caller reports that a group of approximately 15 male and female teens are "fighting with employees at the location." Patrol units are directed to respond "code 2" (without lights and sirens).

January 23, 2012


12:49 a.m.  21500 block of Sherman Way, Canoga Park

Topanga Division LAPD patrol units are called to a "possible ADW" (possible assault with a deadly weapon) at Godfather gentlemen's club. The caller reports that three men threatened one man, with one suspect possibly armed with a knife. The assault suspects allegedly fled in a white vehicle going westbound on Sherman Way, toward Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

12:50 a.m.  21500 block of Community Street, Canoga Park

Topanga Division LAPD are called to investigate a possible "459 hot prowl" (burglary while a location is still occupied) at the residence. A person inside the home calls and reports an "unknown person broke a window at the front of the house." 

2:52 a.m.  Sepulveda Boulevard and Vose Street, Van Nuys

Van Nuys Division LAPD are informed about a "390 man in a vehicle" (drunk driver) who is "swerving in and out of traffic and nearly struck a mail box." The driver is last seen near the Sepulveda Boulevard and Vose Street intersection.

3:03 a.m.  Vineland Avenue and Saticoy Street, Sun Valley

North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol units are dispatched to a reported "ADW" at the 7-Eleven on the corner.  A responding North Hollywood unit comments that the street corner makes it actually a Foothill Division occurrence.

3:15 a.m.  11500 block of Riverside Drive, Valley Village

North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol units are called to the scene of a "459 suspect there now" (a burglar is at the scene). The caller reports seeing a male suspect "turning off the(security) cameras in the garage area" of the apartment complex. Patrol units are directed to respond "code 2" (no lights and sirens; attempt to catch the alleged burglar in the act).

3:26 a.m.  11500 block of Riverside Drive, Valley Village

An LAPD helicopter, Air 16,  is now above the scene, and two patrol car units are at the apartment complex. One officer on the ground communicates with Air 16 about a man walking in an alleyway, but Air 16 has also seen the man, and believes he is just "walking a dog."

3:27 a.m.  11500 block of Riverside Drive, Valley Village

Officers from the primary patrol unit have inspected the garage area, and see that the cameras have been tampered with, but they did not find a suspect. The officers receive an additional comment on the incident file in their patrol car's computer, a tip from the person reporting, that "the suspect may have jumped the wall."  But they are unsure which wall the caller is talking about.

One of the officers tells Air 16 that although "the cameras were turned off, he didn't mess with any of the vehicles" in the carport. 


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