Scanner Report: LAPD Hunts for Stabbing Suspect

Here are some of the incidents that were overheard on the police scanner early Sunday morning.

Sunday, Oct. 7

12:10 a.m.  6900 block of Hinds Ave., North Hollywood

The Los Angeles Police Department North Hollywood Division's patrol units receive a message from a 911 dispatcher about a reported "ADW" (assault with a deadly weapon) in progress. The suspect is reportedly armed with a knife.


12:14 a.m. 6900 block of Hinds Ave., North Hollywood

A female officer radios the dispatcher that she is with a stabbing victim suffering from a "laceration on the left leg." The victim is conscious and breathing.


12:19 a.m. 6900 block of Hinds Ave., North Hollywood

The same female officer radios a description of the ADW suspect. She gives his first and last name and describes him as a male Hispanic, 5-foot-5, 140 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes and a date of birth as 2/12/92. The ADW suspect is described as having "used a knife" on the victim and driving a Toyota Scion last seen heading south toward Vanowen Street. The suspect's exact license plate number is also given. The dispatcher repeats all this information to units in the field. 


12:45 a.m. 5900 block of Tujunga Avenue, North Hollywood

Units receive a report of an ADW in progress, a man assaulting a woman.


12:45 a.m. 10800 San Fernando Road, Pacoima

An LAPD Foothill Division officer asks for a backup unit and if an air unit (helicopter) is available. What the nature of the call is cannot be heard. Less than a minute later, the same officer reports the situation as "code 4" (no further assistance needed) and "suspect in custody."


1:01 a.m. 7000 block of Coldwater Canyon Avenue, North Hollywood

North Hollywood units receive a dispatcher report of an "ADW in progress." The suspect is described as a male black wearing a black shirt, and the victim is described as a white female. An officer at the scene of the stabbing on Hinds Avenue responds to the call. It sounds like the same female officer who had reported finding the victim.


1:05 a.m. Unknown location

A report breaks up and is only partially audible. The location cannot be heard, but the dispatcher reports that a PR (person reporting) heard five gunshots about five minutes ago. No further broadcasts about this report are heard over the scanner.


1:10 a.m. 12000 block of Runnymeade Street, North Hollywood

A dispatcher radios a report of "shots fired, one shot heard." No further broadcasts about this report are heard over the scanner. 


1:12 a.m. Somewhere on Arminta Street

The dispatcher radios for a unit to respond to a location on Arminta Street (exact address cannot be heard) to a report of a misdemeanor hit-and-run. The suspect, who is reportedly still at the scene, is described as an Asian male in a Honda Civic.


1:13 a.m.  7000 block of Coldwater Canyon Avenue, North Hollywood

The officer who responded to the call from 1:01 a.m. about an ADW in progress reports that the suspect and victim are "GOA" (gone on arrival). 


1:45 a.m. 11800 block of Vallerio Street, North Hollywood

Units receive a report of a "415 group" (group causing a disturbance). The suspects are described as "seven male Hispanics hanging out behind the location and drinking."  


2:00 a.m. 6900 Hinds Avenue, North Hollywood

A Patch reporter calls the LAPD's North Hollywood Division station to check for information from the stabbing that occurred after midnight on Hinds Avenue. Officer Robert Sherock at the front desk says all the LAPD wishes to report is that the victim is currently at the hospital and undergoing surgery.

The LAPD does not wish to release any further information on the incident and the suspect at this time, which is why his name and license plate number continue to be withheld from this report.

Toluca Lake Observer October 08, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Thanks, Craig, for keeping the scanner report going. While many of the incidents are rather pedestrian, it is of local importance when something is happening. That is part of the local benefit of Patch. CNS MAY send an advisory--maybe not. LAFD email alerts are good for basic (and minimal) information. However, without Patch, we may miss important info on things in our neighborhood. I have Bearcat, listening mostly to North Hollywood, VTD and City Fire's 7, 8 and 9, but I don't listen enough to be a regular resource for you. If I do run across something worthy of note, would you like me to send an E-mail? I know you can not monitor 24/7. My updates would be few and infrequent, but if you would like, please advise. - BTW, it is nothing new for the LAPD to play silly games with media. Division Watch Commanders are often especially arrogant (with some, of course, just sergeants assigned to the task.) While Andy Smith seems on top of it (although nobody will ever match the late, great Dan Cooke) but the message has apparently not gotten to his underlings--and especially the Divisions, where Watch Commanders and many detectives loathe the media and do their best to keep the public uninformed when Media Relations is off in a cloud somewhere with nothing, or maybe a poorly-written news release.


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