Man Convicted of Tire Slashing Back in Jail

After early release from jail, Colin Onu was arrested on suspicion of battery.

The man convicted of slashing tires in north Sherman Oaks is back in jail after being arrested on suspicion of battery this week.

Colin Onu, 44, who was convicted in April of slashing tires and possessing a controlled substance, was sentenced to 180 days in Los Angeles County Jail, but he was released after serving 11 days.

"Don't get me started on that," said Tamar Galatzan, neighborhood prosecutor in the Los Angeles city attorney's  office, speaking of Onu's early release from jail.

"We convicted this guy of slashing people's tires in his apartment complex; we suspected him of being involved in the rash of tire slashings in Sherman Oaks, but we got him for the one where he lived and also on the drug charge," said Galatzan. "But they released him early."

Police in Sherman Oaks reported 15 instances of tire slashing in mid-March, but they had no leads until a resident of an apartment complex in the 4200 block of Murietta Avenue called officers to say that someone was slashing tires in the parking lot of that building.

When officers arrived at the scene they arrested Onu.

"Turned out he lived at the place where several people had their tires slashed,"  Galatzan said.

Onu was convicted of one count of misdemeanor vandalism, in addition to two counts of possession, which were also misdemeanors. A motive in the tire-slashing incidents was never established.

"Shortly after being released he moved back to the same place where they arrested him in Sherman Oaks, and then was arrested for battery, so now he's back in jail," Galatzan said.

A court hearing in the battery case is scheduled for May 25.

Police do not release the names of victims in battery cases.

While the rash of tire slashings was occurring, police were not sure if they were being committed by one person or more than one.

Since Onu's April arrest, police say there have been no tire slashings in the north Sherman Oaks area.

An earlier story on the tire slashings can be viewed at patch.com/A-gtgQ.

john doe May 26, 2011 at 09:59 PM
It was actually May 16th that he went to court for the new charges. The City Attorney accepted a plea for 90 days in jail (for the new charge) and to revoke and reinstate his existing probation (from previous vandalims charge). This put him out of jail the very next day. He was release around 1pm and was back in jail by 6pm that same day. Upon his release he violated a court stay-away order and went to a former friends house, vandalized it and threatened her, then came back to his apartment (which he also was order to stay away from) and proceeded to smash the inside of the apartment with a hammer. He goes back to court on June 1st for the felony vandalism charge, plus violation of his current probations and possible violation of a suspended sentence. I have spoken to people who were victimized by this person and it is more than just "motive-less" vandalism, these were threats that more was to follow if people continued to notify the police of his behavior and refusal to voluntarily hand money over to him.
Colin Onu February 11, 2014 at 02:05 PM
For the record, you have the wrong information John(Jane) Doe. Especially about the -hand money over to him-issue. I would advise you to contact the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) and /or the NSA(National Security Agency) since they have the accurate facts regarding those incidents. Doug Kriegel and Tamar Galatzan can do the same thing since the FBI and the NSA were also the ones that facilitated the early releases if anyone has a problem with it. That would also prevent you and them from making any other inflamatory statements on the case or help you in writing some better, cursive and structured comments in the future since it seems you struggle with that.
Colin Onu February 11, 2014 at 02:09 PM
P.S. which means post scriptum which is something you add at the end of a letter lets say... I am dissapointed that the picture of a tire was posted in the article rather than a picture of me. I feel deeply hurt by the lack of recognition


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