Letters: Tire Slashings Underreported

Initial stories on the rash of tire slashings in Sherman Oaks reported there were 15 to 18 cars that had tires slashed, but Mindi Miller claims in an e-mail to Patch that the number of victims was much higher.

Commenting on Sherman Oaks Patch's post about local tire-slashings, Mindi Miller wrote:

"All the news reports say that only a handful of cars were damaged, but we spoke with AAA, neighbors and local businesses and heard about well over 100 cars that had tires slashed. We had both our cars damaged on two different Sundays. New tires cost about $130 each and you have to replace 2 tires for proper balance. This guy cost us over $500! No damage occurred while he was in jail and then more tires were slashed right after he was released."

Editor's note: The man prosecuted for slashing tires in north Sherman Oaks, Colin Onu, 44, was convicted on one count of misdemeanor vandalism. The city attorney only linked Onu to one tire-slashing incident, but he was also convicted on two counts of possessing an illegal substance. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but was released after serving 11 days.

However, Onu was back in police custody last week after being arrested on suspicion of battery.

For an overview of the the tire-slashing case, check this link: patch.com/A-hvqV.


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