LAPD Warns About Increase in 'Knock Knock' Burglaries Targeting High-End Valley Homes

The burglars have hit homes in the more affluent areas of the Valley.

The Los Angeles Police Department warned residents Thursday in affluent areas of a recent string of "knock, knock" burglaries. The following message was posted on the LAPD North Hollywood Division's Facebook page:

"With the rise in residential burglaries throughout the valley, LAPD established a task force to help eliminate the problem. There have been gangs of burglars targeting high-end homes. They usually knock on the front door during the day to s...ee if someone is home; if no one answers they will then break into the home through a side or rear window or door. Since the task force was formed a month ago, multiple suspected burglars have been arrested. We encourage everyone to get to know their neighbors and call authorities if they see someone suspicious in their neighborhood."

A total of 18 suspected burglars that are mostly from from inner-city gangs have been arrested so far, said Lt. Alan Hamilton of the LAPD's North Hollywood Division at a press conference Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

The burglars have hit homes in the more affluent areas of the Valley, including in the west San Fernando Valley and the communities of Encino, Sherman Oaks and Studio City, according to the report.

The LAPD also believes the increase in burglaries is tied to thousands of state prison inmates receiving early release, and posted this message on its Facebook page in March:

We can’t help but wonder if the early release of inmates has something to do with the rash of burglaries throughout the San Fernando Valley and in North Hollywood. We want to remind everyone to be cautious when a stranger knocks on your door and don’t leave valuables in your vehicle for someone to take. Let’s work together to put a stop on crime. Remember “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it”

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Josey Whales April 07, 2012 at 05:03 PM
This is not a "new" tactic by burglary suspects. The term "Knock Knock Burglars" is just a title made up by some lame and lazy LAPD detective or above trying to suck up and create a name for themselves, on the backs of others. This "Task-force" (IE, paper pushing quints) was instrumental in gathering the reports, but that's about it. Now, a major crew has just been caught, by Glendale and LAPD PATROL officers. The LAPD detectives in the valley are going to try and take credit, but make no mistake, it was LAPD PATROL Officers from Wilshire Division, Topanga Division and Glendale PD that cracked this case. Great job done by our Patrol Officers, from both departments in stopping these criminals and protecting the public!
Max Payne April 08, 2012 at 12:20 AM
@Whales...you sound like a bitter valley copper buddy!!!. Instead of looking at what's positive you're trying to undermine our accomplishments. Seriously, who cares about who did the most work? It's a collaborative effort that's what count.
Sunkee April 12, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Hey hey, no fighting! If you're n law enforcement you all are doing a great job. If it wasn't for all the different depts. within the police these criminal jacka$$es wouldn't have been caught. So to all law enforcement personnel, the question shouldn't be what dept or precinct got the collar, but how many of these jailbirds can we collar in a month? Make it a system wide effort. Work together as one force and keep up the great job! Peace Out :)
adamph25 April 12, 2012 at 11:22 PM
hahah..."if you're in law enforcement you are all doing a great job" you must be pig sunkee... cops are nothing more than a revenue generating arm of the state...however, unlike parking enforcment officers (who know their role) most pigs take it upon themselves to be the judge, jury and executioner... For that reason, I praise the 2nd amendment of the constitution. Can't wait for the next time a fat-headed pig tries to encroach upon my civil rights....his face will meet the barrel of my .380. It's no coincidence that more police officers are being killed in the line of duty than ever before... Fuck the police!!!
Pat April 13, 2012 at 06:52 PM
@adamph25: Uh, somehow I don't think announcing that you'll shove a .380 into a cop's face is a bright idea. All it does is say "I'm violent" and makes you look suspicious.


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