Did You See This Man Who Took This Dog Statue? The Family Wants Jason Back

A camera caught a clear picture of the culprit, if you recognize him, call police. It's been a neighborhood fixture for 15 years.

A man walked right up to a house in Sherman Oaks early Sunday morning and took a dog figurine, despite a camera clearly recording the theft.

Bonnie Deckel sent the video of the theft to police, and contacted Sherman Oaks Patch. The house is at Atoll Avenue and Sarah Street.

The statue is named "Jason" and he's been a neighborhood fixture for 15 years.

"All the neighbors kids would come up and pet him," Deckel said. "Everyone near us was familiar with him. Delivery people thought he was our guard dog as he looked real."

Jason was stolen once before, and the family found it at an auction. The auctioneer returned the dog to the family.

"Jason has a long and interesting history," said the owner. Deckel was surprised of the blatant theft.

"I have security footage of a man coming up on my porch and stealing a dog figure," she said. "His face is clearly visible. Perhaps someone could recognize him."

The incident happened at about 1:16 a.m.

"He just sauntered up to our porch and took the dog, and then walked off with him," Deckel said.

"Leaning down taking it," she added. "And of what value could it be? Didn't he see the cameras?"

Deckel has had the side view mirrors stolen off her car twice in the past six months, and police have reported that although overall crime is down, some thefts, car break-ins and minor burlgaries have increased throughout Sherman Oaks and Studio City.

"The point is he had the temerity to do it, it is not the value of the figure," Deckel said.

Check out the screen shots. 

If you recognize the person, contact LAPD Van Nuys Division at (818) 374-9500.

John February 08, 2013 at 07:19 PM
I hope he gets caught and thrown in jail for more than a year. We get all kinds of thefts in my neighborhood too. I HATE thieves!!!


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