BREAKING: Twin Girls, 11, from Walter Reed Injured in Accident on Moorpark, One Critical

One is in critical condition. A school administrator accompanied the students to the hospital. See exclusive photos at the scene and witness reports.

Eleven-year-old twin sisters from  were hit by a car near the intersection of Moorpark Street and Colfax Avenue at about 1:34 Tuesday afternoon. 

One girl is in critical condition and the other is in serious condition, Los Angeles  Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott said. Overnight, the girls were still at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital, one still in serious condition and one listed as critical.

The children were hit by a car at 11653 W. Moorpark St., only a few blocks from the school.

Walter Reed Assistant Principal Deborah Alexander accompanied the sisters in the ambulance to the hospital, according to a school official. also headed to the hospital with the students as their family was notified.

Tuesday was a "minimum day," when students were released an hour earlier than usual while teachers attended staff meetings.

According to unconfirmed reports, the girls ran across the street through a red light.

Seventh-grade Reed student Rebecca Northup saw the scene while walking home and said "the girl was lying on the floor flailing her limbs ... mostly her legs. It was very scary and people on the sidewalk were screaming and crying. She was screaming and when the ambulance came they cut off her clothes and helped her to the gurney."

"It was very terrifying," a witness who said she was a mother of a student at the school told Patch in an email. She said the girls were not in a crosswalk. One of the girls' shoes was knocked off.

Local resident and Reed seventh-grader Seira Narita said, "I wasn't there when the girls got hit. I saw her lying on the ground writhing and screaming in pain. Everyone was crowded around and screaming, 'She got hit by a car!' Then the ambulance came and they cut her clothes off. I couldn't see the other girl."

Narita got upset at the scene. She realized that the ones who were hit were her close friends. 

"At first the girl looked dead . . . the car wasn't near the crosswalk when I saw, so the girl must've flew when the car hit her," Narita said. "It didn't look that serious because she was crying, showing that she felt pain."

Another witness, a local parent, said this is the second incident of a child being hit near a dangerous intersection. A student three years ago was hit nearby at Whipple and Vineland. "This wouldn't have happened if there was a crossing guard at that intersection," said the father, who was picking up his son at Reed.

The Daily News of Los Angeles quoted Sgt. Ed Waschak of the Los Angeles Police Department's Valley Traffic Division saying that initial reports showed the driver was not at fault. 

"It looks like they were in the roadway. The car had the right-of-way," Waschak told the newspaper. "The driver was deemed to not be doing anything wrong."

LAPD spokesman Richard French said, "The two young children were not in a crosswalk. It was not a hit and run, and the driver was not impaired.''

City Council member Paul Krekorian has been a longtime outspoken advocate for , and has told drivers when approaching school zones to slow down. Last year, a student from Campbell Hall in Studio City was injured while crossing the street on Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

Stay tuned to Patch for up-to-the-minute information as it happens. If you have any information or saw the accident, please COMMENT below or email MikeS@patch.com.

For KCAL-9 coverage click here.

See photos taken by a Patch reader in the gallery above.


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RoseIris240 March 20, 2012 at 05:56 AM
Ok guys for all you guys worrying...good news. Alexis the one who was in serious care went home a couple days ago as you probably know and Syd the one who's in pretty bad shape has walked across the nurse according to my cousin who is a nurse. She has recovered (not completely but is off serious care) faster than anyone at the hospital who had the same situation has! YEAH SYD! Now for the sad news Syd has this condition now it's called something that's all scientifical and i don't remember but it basically mean that the "circuits" in ur brain that tell your body what to do, well hers are either damaged or destroyed if they r damaged they can regrow but if they died well...they might need to teach her EVERYTHING all over again! Syd has a broken jaw and collar-bone. She can either be the Syd we know her to be or completely blank. Lets pray she'll be ok! Alexis has a 10 inch stitch across her head, a black eye, bruises and cuts ok that's pretty much it... Oh and Syd can't remember a lot of things, but hopefully things will begin to come back to her... OK JUST AN UPDATE BYE!
RoseIris240 March 20, 2012 at 05:57 AM
what the world? why does it show twice? and syd would like CLOSE friends to visit her
Yami March 25, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Thanks for the good news update. I went by the intersection, and its kinda controlled, meaning you drive through there at a steady pace. Also when you see a grip of kids (students) around there, your more careful. Being 84 and the skid marks, even though you have the green/right of way, still means, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! The girls also coulda began to walk before the dust cleared, so to speak.
Yami March 25, 2012 at 08:08 PM
...the police have to watch for the IMMATURE young male drivers coming from Grant High School. I noticed after schools out at the intersection of Coldwater/Oxnard, the kids making the turns, and driving thru there, drive reckless, with no concern to the large group of kids (students) walking home. They tend to show off, more then drive slow and cautious. They make abrupt turns and drive crazy at high rates of speed. One slip up, and ?
Updater March 27, 2012 at 07:13 PM
so all is well Syd's almost like she was if she was an 100 she's a 98 now she just forgot so much! she know's some multiplication but her family might need to reteach her. But it'll be easy enough because it's like a smart 6th grader learning multiplication so she'll probably learn very quickly. We're hoping things will starts coming back to her...And Syd is speaking normally now:) She doesn't remember what happened though she just thinks she "hurt her head":( her family is trying to fill her in with what happened... Alexis is all good so don't worry about her.. she's going to school now:)


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