Where Are the Movie Theaters in Studio City?

Historically, the major moviehouse in town is now a book store.

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Dear Jack,

It's getting close to Oscar time and like most of my neighbors, I'm a big movie fan. I think it's weird that we have some of the most famous theaters around, like the Chinese and Egyptian only just over the hill in Hollywood, and the huge multiplex at Universal, and the IMAX and stuff, but why don't we have any movie theaters in Studio City? Are there any planned in the future? And was that big bookstore on Ventura once a major theater?

—Thanks a lot,

James Doran


Dear James,

It does seem strange that in a place like Studio City the theaters that exist are all private. It is mostly due to neighborhood opposition that no theaters have been built, or are planned to be built anywhere is Studio City.

A theater would bring new shoppers to the  commercial area in Studio City. The hurting retailers, and their customers, would strongly support a new movie theater complex.

The only close theaters for first run movies is at the Universal City Theaters next to the outdoor area called City Walk. There is at least a $5 to $10 fee for parking. It is a nightmare to visit after dark. The other theater in the east San Fernando Valley, is the Cinemark, located at Coldwater and Victory in North Hollywood. It is an Eight-Plex and offers free parking, and easy access to the parking structure. I am a regular visitor to this theater.

Back to Studio City, the on Ventura Boulevard was a financial success during the '50 to '70s. Then multiplex's became the rage, and the owners of the theater, Mann Theaters, put it on the market. It is now a book store. Mann was interested in building a four-plex, but due to stringent opposition of the resident association, nothing was considered. There have been other Studio City sites considered through the years, but the SCRA always deep sixed the idea.

The only new theaters are planned by the Laemmle chain, to be built in the NoHo area on the Academy property located on Lankershim Boulevard. just North of Magnolia Boulevard.

It would show independent artsy films, like we have at the Encino Laemmle complex. It has not started construction due to the weak economy, and difficulty in securing financing.

Jack McGrath February 15, 2011 at 09:33 PM
Patch Readers: This will be my last regular column for the Studio City Patch. I have enjoyed answering your many questions about Studio City, and about some of our more interesting characters in Studio City. My regular advertising and public relations business has taken too much of my time. I want to thank the Studio City Patch editor, Mike Szymanski, for giving me the opportunity to write about our great little city, Studio City. I hope to write on a less stringent basis for the Studio City Patch in the months ahead. I will continue to be a regular reader of the Studio City Patch, and will write my own comments when the need arises.
Mike Szymanski February 15, 2011 at 11:23 PM
Jack has done an amazing job writing about the ins and outs of Studio City, but fear not, there will be a continued Q/A of YOU ASK...STUDIO CITY PATCH ANSWERS and we will still be giving out $25 for people asking questions that get published! Stay tuned to find out who this new person is with LOTS of Studio City history who will be taking over the column! And, yes, Jack will be back, no doubt pontificating about the politics of the city, which he knows so well!
Thom Karlsen February 16, 2011 at 03:22 AM
For the longest time, the Ever After Tea House has occupied a visible site in the Tujunga Village area of Studio City--yet its never opened!! Do you know why?
Charlotte Baker March 08, 2013 at 11:12 PM
Does anyone remember the last nnames of the 2 midwestern girls who started The Studio City News in1938 0r 9? It was located at 12345 Ventura Blvd., across the street from Chapman's ice cream shop. I remember it well as I worked at the News as a receptionist, my first job out of high school. The girls were Marie and Fran. Fran married one of the advertisers after knowing him a short time. (I believe he owned a nursery and used to run a display ad in the paper). Not long after they were married, his car was found in San Francisco and he was found dead on a street in Chicago. It was all very mysterious and I never heard the outcome.


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