Single in Studio City: Nature vs. Nurture

Do you have your mother’s skin and hair, your father’s nose and dimples? It’s common knowledge that these characteristics are determined by the DNA from your gene pool, but what about your personality?

Are you tough and resilient like your mom or creative and resourceful like your dad? Are you born with those qualities or do they develop as you grow and evolve? How much influence does parenting have on your genetic code?

Does nature trump nurture or is it the other way around? Which dominates the forming of your temperament? Does your protein makeup decide whether you’ll be an astronaut, actress, football player, or whiz kid; brave, shy, funny, or smart?

Are the 20 thousand genes you possess that are responsible for brain function, the sole factor affecting your destiny? How much of your moral fiber is based on heredity and how much on upbringing? Is it a mother and father’s place to shape and mold their offspring’s disposition, or is it already set? 

As today is Mother’s Day, it’s an apropos time to consider these concepts. It’s also an ideal opportunity to get in touch with the nurturer in all of us. Do you allow that facet of you to blossom or do you hide behind a stoic smile? Do you acknowledge the warm, cozy, gentle, loving, tenderness you crave or do you put up a façade of false apathy?

Are you comfortable caring for and cherishing yourself and others? Is that an area you ignore until your physical, emotional, or psychological wellbeing has been compromised? Do you concentrate on your own needs to the exclusion of friends and family or vice versa? Have you established a balance?

What exactly does a nurturing mother signify to you? How do you tap into that source? Even if your mother wasn’t a role model for you to reflect off of, you will inherently realize what you yearn for.

Nurturing attributes include patience, encouragement, compassion, acceptance, responsiveness, perceptivity, awareness, receptivity, insight, intuition, attentiveness, calmness, consideration, selflessness, inner beauty and strength.   

How can you use these aspects that organically reside within to build a thriving, refreshing, close, intimate, unconditional connection with your sweetheart; generating an honest, open, meaningful, sincere, stimulating, inspiring, long lasting, conscious relationship?

A great starting point is by validating your essence, celebrating your splendor inside and out, permitting your magnificent spirit to soar, and reaffirming that you’re deserving of finding and keeping the perfect match for you.

Observe an attitude of gratitude, honoring your existence and brilliance on a daily basis. Treat yourself as you would a precious child, i.e. with awe, wonder, respect, and reverence.

Free up the supportive mother within to hold you when you’re scared, rock you when you’re sad, hug you when you’re heart hurts, sustain you when you stumble, cheer you on when you arise, defend you when you’re attacked, nurse you back to health when you’re ill, listen when you’re lonely, lift you when you’re low, persuade you when you’re feeling hopeless, commend you for your efforts, compliment you for your core.

Mother’s Day may additionally broach the notion that your opposite sex parent is the one you identify with and therefore, attract when seeking a ‘happily ever after.’ Consequently, men frequently magnetize a mate similar to their mothers, especially if they have unresolved issues which often result in paramount difficulties with their replacement paramour.

In order to break the cycle, you have to do the internal work necessary to reconcile any wounds and toxic bonds with your opposite sex parent, liberating your soul to charm and lure a more favorable partner.

The wonderful thing about falling in love is that you learn everything about that person very quickly. If it’s true love you begin to see yourself through their eyes and it draws out the best in you. It’s almost as if you’re falling in love with yourself.

Singles Slogan for the Week: There’s tremendous strength in being vulnerable and displaying your soft, sensitive side. Strength and vulnerability can coexist. They’re not mutually exclusive. Practice by disclosing a private detail about yourself with at least one confidante you trust.

You’re cordially invited to a special birthday bash on Tuesday May 14th from 9:30pm-1am, at the Oyster House, commemorating Bar Manager, Christopher Hunt. Entertainment will feature guitarist/vocalist Magic Kramer and keyboardist/vocalist Dave Morgan.

Dave has toured with Ricky Nelson and was lead singer for The Association. Magic played guitar on the Ray Charles album, Genius Loves Company, winner of 8 Grammys. Christopher co wrote, along with Magic and Dave, the tune, A Fool In the Ground, that Charles was about to record before he passed.

Morgan and Kramer will perform contemporary rock classics and captivating originals. They’re infamous for presenting an amazing, energetic show sure to enhance your mood and fortify your mind. Kitchen closes at 10p so arrive early for delectable delights, reasonably priced and scrumptiously served. No cover or minimum.

For the benevolent and humane traits in you, ponder rescuing an adorable puppy and acquiring an eternal companion who’ll worship you unreservedly. Jillian, a delightful four month old, brown and white female, shorthaired Chihauhau, gets along with everyone.

She's a total “Velcro dog,” wanting to be in your lap or arms at every moment, fantastic for someone who desires a portable, constant cohort, works from home, and/or is retired.  

For more info, contact Holly at Hollybrowde@sbcglobal.net, Ric at Adoptadog@ricbrowde.com, or visit http://ricbrowde.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Baldwin-Park.pdf or www.hope4animals.org

On Saturday May 19th, venture out solo or with your bff to a huge singles soiree (over 200 expected), at the ultra-new and modern, Embassy Suites, 800 N. Central Ave, Glendale, just ¼ block north of the 101 freeway.

There’ll be a complimentary one hour dance lesson from 7-8p, an Italian dinner buffet from 8:00 to 9:30 PM, including two types of pastas and sauces, salad and rolls; and the dynamic live band of Paco & Laura, http://www.lauraangelini.com. The price of $20 is payable at the door.

Meet lots of eligible bachelors/bachelorettes to sweep you off your feet on Glendale’s largest dance floor. Parking beneath the building is $5. Street parking is available on side streets immediately to the west of the hotel.


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