More Questions About Pets From Kids...

Daisy, a middle school student at Walter Reed MS, gathered a series of questions for Don Helverson, who is answering with a series of video answers...

Daisy, a middle school student at Walter Reed Middle School, gathered a series of questions from students for Patch writer, Don Helverson, who moonlights as a teacher of English and History at Daisy's school. She assembled her questions for an article entitled: "Are Dogs Smart?"

Daisy is publishing her questions and answers in Reed's latest, 2012, issue of The Reed Review, and we're running Don Helverson's video responses here. Daisy's article ("Are Dogs Smart?") will appear sometime this or next week.

Meanwhile here are more of our responses, reverberating in bronchial depth and tonality. (Daisy's first questions were in the last Tuesday Pet Peeves column: "My Dog Loves Me, My Dog Loves Me Not.)


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