Jeff Carter Explains Why He is Leaving the Neighborhood Council

He has been the lone voice for a significant number of issues. This is from his own voice.

"Several months ago, an exploratory committee was formed to consider whether to run for a second two-year term on the Neighborhood Council that covers the Studio City area (“SCNC”). The committee was also established to explore key issues affecting our local neighborhood, our City and County and the Nation.  Indeed, events in Washington and Beijing, and everywhere in between, impact on our families, our work and our futures here in Studio City.

In 2009 I was appointed by the then sitting members of the SCNC to fill a vacant seat as a Business Owner. 

In the spring of 2010 I stood for election as an independent candidate for the SCNC and, having conducted a positive reform campaign, won election in my own right to the SCNC.

Since becoming a Neighborhood Councilmember, I have worked diligently and tirelessly on the bylaws, land use and government affairs committee, and served as a chairman of the government affairs committee.

My record has been one of independence, and I have also often been the voice calling for fiscal prudence and adherence to the rules and laws that govern the activities of the SCNC.

I have called for no further building of any kind on the Universal back lot.

I have opposed the expenditures of thousands of tax dollars for streetlight .

I called for a new look at rules on what – and that ultimately was accomplished.

I was the sole vote to save the Whitsett Golf Course.

I was the sole vote to for the upcoming election.

And I have often been the lone voice expressing concern and oversight as to the funneling of tax dollars to various “favored” organizations.

It has been a great honor to serve my neighbors as a Board member of the SCNC. And, at times, it has been fun.

However, the reform and streamlining of the organization that I had hoped for, and the adherence to true and robust involvement of all of our neighbors, and the fiscal prudence and procedural compliance that are crucial, are still goals and necessities if the SCNC is to become a truly useful, competent, respected and effective organization.

Three years of service is probably enough. I have always dedicated myself to public service and believe that I can do more, and be more effective, in other ways. And, my son Ben, who, although he loves the pizza at the Board meetings, has made it clear he would prefer to have me at home instead of going to so many meetings. 

Accordingly, after much consideration and consultation with friends, family and others, I have decided not to stand for election to the SCNC.

It is hoped that the future will see more substantive accomplishment by, and more productive use of tax dollars given to, the Neighborhood Council.

Most of all, I wholeheartedly thank the people here in Studio City who have supported me in this endeavor – by their vote, their comments and even their constructive criticism.

I look forward to continuing to explore policies and ways to provide a better life and future for all of us.”


lives in Studio City with his wife, Rosalind Moore, a writer, and their nine year old son Ben. Carter is a lawyer with offices in Beverly Hills and Manhattan. He is the founder and principal of The New Commonwealth Company, which, through its groups, engages in mediation, education, consulting and publishes The Aquidneck Inquirer and New Commonwealth Magazine. Jeff is an alumnus of Brown University and Columbia Law School.

Deb August 24, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Good Luck to you Jeff and if you should decide to avail to yourself to a real decision making position then please consider running for an elected position, "real legislative powers." Somehow the intent of NC have taken its on direction and fail to realize that the role has been and will continue to be, an advisory committee. NC are becoming more of a political agendas then an advisory. Basically, when residents who do not waste their time with committees and decides that issue is not in their interest they simply pursue that interest to the real legislative body, the city council. You have made a wise decision and we will look for your name on a ballot.
Bob Blanchard August 24, 2012 at 11:04 PM
Jeff, Although I don't know you and as a renter haven't made it my business to follow the workings of the SCNC. I do like what you say and stand for and share your frustration of that portion of the general public who are only concerned with what various government agencies are going to do FOR them. Jack Kennedy was right when he admonished us to do what we could for our country and not expect the gov't. to do so much for us. We need more in elected office like you who are honestly working on behalf of our communities no matter how small. We need more Jeff Carters in political office unselfishly working on our behalf and scrupulously only spending tax payer money as if it was your own. I hope you can recharge your batteries and reconsider elected office. There will always be non-believers.
David Ogilvy August 28, 2012 at 07:35 PM
So THAT'S why Lisa Sarkin keeps hanging around. The pizza. Knew it.
Michael McCue September 18, 2012 at 04:19 PM
I heartily agree with Bob Blanchard. Jeff Carter often became the sole voice of any ethical standard for the SCNC (look at the Patch article about the highly-questionable & ethically-challenged vote the Council took, ending their own term limits just before their election). Jeff called out the SCNC board members for the obvious conflict-of-interest and self-serving nature that the "term limits" vote represented, but the majority of the SCNC board has never had a problem taking actions that serve to keep their centralized power base in power and at the helm. Shame on them. Jeff Carter will be sorely missed on the SCNC. We need more Jeff Carters and fewer self-promoters with extremely poor attendence records like Ben Neumann on the SCNC. Be sure to vote in the SCNC election this week. Let some of these incumbents who wish to stay forever, without term limits, know how you feel about ending term-limits for themselves. We need new, younger reps on the SCNC and far fewer ethically-challenged, centralized-power loving incumbents.
Michael McCue September 18, 2012 at 04:27 PM
FYI to David Ogilvy...the pizza is awful! Ask yourself...Why does the SCNC board never use our other local Studio City restaurants for their pre-meeting social hour vendor contract? Why do they ALWAYS use the same vendor for every meeting...going for years now? Who benefits from that decision? Who is the owner/vendor benefitting from that ongoing, never-ending contract that BLOCKS our other Studio City vendors from participating in, or benefitting from engagement with, or exposure through the SCNC? The answer to that question will lead you to the heart of the problem with the SCNC. As Deep Throat said during Watergate...follow the money, and see who it leads to...and then you'll know what to do.


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