Ed Begley Jr: 'EEK-O-Halloween' is Growing - Get Your School Involved

Have your school participate in something environmental, educational and fun.

As Halloween approaches, we are actively seeing new schools who would be interested in partnering with us on EEK-O-Halloween. Much like the UNICEF coin-collection program, EEK-O-Halloween provides collection boxes for schools, with donations raised going to LOCAL environmental causes.  If you're interested in participating, please contact kim@greenwish.com to find out more.

In addition, California Institute of Contemporary Arts, as part of their commitment to promote the arts  through sponsorship of artists and creative programs, has made a generous donation to EEK-O-Halloween. This will help expand the program across the country, into new schools, and new communities.  Many thanks to CICA for all they have done to make a difference!

Need more info?  Check out this recent Studio City Patch article for information on our nationwide expansion and the EEK-O-Halloween program, or watch our promotional video about EEK-O-Halloween. 

News from "On Begley Street" 
On Begley Street, the show committed to following Ed and Rachelle Begley's Platinum Green home construction, has garnered attention from PBS!  We are excited to announce this news, as we complete the first eight episodes and prepare for the internet launch of the show following the deconstruction of the old home.  Please visit http://www.OnBegleyStreet.com for more info!  Here is a recent photo of Shelly Backlar and Ed at an event on the Los Angeles River that we filmed, in conjunction with LA Conservation Corps, and Friends of the Los Angeles River (two of our Green Wish beneficiaries!)

To get the latest updates, join On Begley Street on Facebook.

(From Raphael Sbarge) . . .

As we begin a new season and school year, I'm excited to share that we're beginning a new era at Green Wish too. We stand at a moment of huge expansion and change: In addition to our new chapter in Kansas, soon we'll have chapters in Missouri & Chicago; and we are in discussions regarding Orange County, CA; and Portland, OR. We are very excited about what lies ahead, and thrilled that the idea of Community Helping Community is spreading across the country. Our long-term goal of finding new cities with a passion for the local environment is growing with great enthusiasm. The feeling of uplift is palpable; people are finding the concept of ownership within their neighborhoods and choosing to make a difference. We are truly gratified.    

On the local front, we continue to celebrate our long-term relationship with Unique LA and Sonja Rasula - most recently at her Summer Unique LA Show, for which we were so honored to be the partner charity. Thanks to her great ability to curate an extraordinary collection of local artisans, new records were set as more than 11,000 attendees took in the event over two days. We had a blast meeting and joining with Barista Bath & BodyTea with Iris, and Jenkins Jellies, among others, surrounded by such quality products and good (locally focused) vibes. The weekend will not soon be forgotten - many thanks to Sonja and Unique LA! Money raised was all sent along to our local charities.    

And there's more! Green Wish Kansas is launched, new point-of-purchase card designs are unveiled (see graphic at right), and corporate sponsorships embraced.  We welcome all AT&T stores in Lawrence and their corporate support, as well as McDaniel-Knutson.  There's much more to come from our Kansas chapter - stay tuned!  Meanwhile, stay in touch with them via Facebook.

As always, thank you for the work you do, and the desire to make a real difference,

—Raphael Sbarge 
Katina Dunn September 15, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Congratulations on your TV show...


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