Ed Begley Jr. and Friends Sing about Climate Change from the Rooftops

Jason Mraz and Mona Tavacoli sing with Ed's solar panels in the background.

Jason Mraz, the singer/songwriter famous for his  "I'm Yours" song, and Mona Tavacoli have written a song about climate change.

They decided to perform "93 Million Miles" from one of the coolest energy-efficient houses in Studio City, if not the city (if not the country), and that is at Ed Begley Jr.'s house (the one he's living in now, not the one he's building.)

The singer was encouraged by Begley to take it to the roof with the solar panels in the background. 

"Ed, we have insurance, right?" shouts his wife Rachelle Carson.

They want to encourage people to look up the Climate Reality Project, and to sign a simple pledge.

Here is the information:


Dirty Energy has created a world of Dirty Weather. Yet as the climate crisis deepens, the oil, coal, and gas industries continue to rake in record profits. We’re calling for it to stop.

It’s time to use your power. It’s time to use your voice. Join us and speak out, so you can inform and inspire others to demand action from our leaders. Sign the Climate Reality Pledge:


The Pledge:

“I pledge my name in support of a better tomorrow, one powered by clean energy. I demand action from our leaders to work on solutions to the climate crisis. I pledge to get involved. And I pledge to share this global promise. By uniting my voice with a million others, we have the power to change the world.“

What do you think?


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