Carbendazim in Orange Juice Products

Jan Leasure offers her tips to Extreme Couponing.

I really love my OJ!  We all want to save money–but we also want to stay healthy and not spend all of our savings on Dr.’s bills.  One way to stay out of the ER is to make sure you read labels.  I may have been more sensitive to this Orange Juice(possible) recall because my daughter is in Brazil supervising other chiropractors on a “Clinic Abroad” trip.  My image of Brazil is all foliage, exotic animals, the Amazon River & the ocean, FRESH FRUITS & VEGGIES and of course i think Organic–pesticide free!  I may have been wrong, so checkout this info and READ YOUR LABELS!

Although no orange juice product has yet been recalled it is soon to happen once the FDA proves their hunch. So keep an eye out and beware of your OJ!

“FDA is investigating reports that carbendazim, a fungicide, is present at low levels in someorange juice products. These products are a blend of domestic orange juice and imported orange juice from Brazil.

The levels of carbendazim reported appear to be the result of the application of a pesticide/fungicide on orange trees. The fungicide is approved for such use in Brazil and several other countries, but not the United States.

Does Your Orange Juice Come from the USA or is it IMPORTED?  Read your labels!

Carbendazim in orange juice is an unlawful pesticide chemical residue under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. FDA has been coordinating closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agency responsible for the evaluation of the safety of the pesticide residue.

Based on EPA’s conclusions from its preliminary risk assessment, consumption of orange juice with carbendazim at the low levels that have been reported does not raise safety concerns.

Actions taken by FDA:

  • FDA has sent a letter to the Juice Products Association stating that it does not intend to take action to remove from domestic commerce orange juice containing the reported low levels of carbendazim.
  • FDA is conducting its own testing of orange juice for carbendazim. If the agency identifies orange juice with carbendazim at levels that present a public health risk, it will alert the public and take the necessary action to ensure that the product is removed from the market.
  • To ensure the continued safety of orange juice, FDA is also sampling import shipments of orange juice and will deny entry to shipments that test positive for carbendazim.”
  • To Learn More About this Potential Danger click HERE


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