Another Wonderful Event for Dog Owners at Rusty's [VIDEO]

Rusty's, a local treasure, created another fun and humorous event for the benefit of pets and owners in the area with their Doggie Easter Egg Hunt.

In the frying pan sunshine, lines kept stretching further down Ventura Boulevard, keepingstaff in motion for the duration of Sunday's Doggie Easter Egg Hunt.

There were prizes, men dressed as bunnies, games and rewards for the pets—great to see a successful place for so many owners and pets to play, socialize, make new friends and succeed on every level.

Rusty's creates events that incorporate successful public relations moments that also benefit the community. This was a terrific opportunity for everybody.

I remember, at first, just marveling that people would stay in a long, slow-moving line on such a hot day. Then I realized nobody noticed the heat but me, the onlooker.

Pet owners didn't wince at any inconvenient waiting. In fact, waiting in line with their fellow pet owners seemed to be part of the fun of the event. This was a really playful and well-constructed event.



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