A Dozen Wonderful Animal Stories of 2012

They're sweet, heartwarming, sad and about animals.

The 12 best animal stories of the year.

* R.I.P Rusty—Longtime Mascot of Rusty's Pet Center

* Heidi's Birthday Brings Fans to Maxwell Dog

* Ducks Crossing the Freeway Could Cause Quack Up

* A Happy Ending for a Family and Their Lost Dog—Reunited by Studio City Patch

* Baby Chimp Killed at L.A. Zoo [VIDEO]

* Rescued Lab Beagles Are Ready for Adoption

* Meet Johnny Ortez-Tibbels—Dachshund Photographer

* Residents See Mountain Lions in Studio City Hills

* Dog with a Column Reviews ‘Dog With A Blog’

* UPDATE: Gadget the Special-Needs Beagle is Found!

And of course, all of the posts from Infinite Safari owner Alan Feldstein who writes his blog about Africa (CLICK HERE!)


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