12 Personal Stories of 2012

Bloggers and columnists told many of their personal stories this past year.

Many of our regular writers, columnists, bloggers, and even our editor has shared personal stories this past year. 

Here are the highlights:

* From Studio City Patch editor Mike Szymanski:

Watching the City Burn from the Rooftops—the L.A. Riots 20 Years Later

* From Kelly Cole:

Sexy Billboards Near School—'Zero Feet Away' From My 9-Year-Old

* From Studio City Mom, Susan McMartin:

* From Mary McGrath:

My Brother Jack Suffers a Stroke

* From Jeff Carter, of the Studio City Neighborhood Council:

 Jeff Carter Explains Why He is Leaving the Neighborhood Council

* From Ilona Saari:

Ever-Changing 'Hood: Play Ball!!!

* From you, the readers:

Henry's Tacos: What's Your Reaction?

* From Irene DeBlasio:

An Angel Comes to Visit

* From Marie Fairman:

Transfer Student

* From Cathy Flynn:

What’s the Statute of Limitations on Mailing Christmas Cards?

* From Kelly Glover:

Dating in Studio City - Can I Give you my Number?

* From Loren Kantor

Woodcut of My Father 


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