Blog: Good Manners, R.I.P.

Good manners, respect and kindness seem to be on short supply these days.

Whatever became of good manners, common courtesy and breeding?  In this global community of ours rudeness seems to have become the order of the day.  I happened to read an article in Huffington Post a couple of days ago and noticed there were more than 100 comments.  It was appalling how many readers resorted to foul language, name-calling and Barbarian behavior in their responses.  I think political correctness has boomeranged.  The gender-specific "ess" has been banned.  One is no longer a stewardess, she is a flight attendant.  A waitress is now a server.  But the idea that the population has taken sensitivity training is absurd.  People are getting meaner and ruder.

In my youth, parents, teachers and older siblings often reminded us to say please, thank you, never speak with a mouthful of food, never to slurp soup or make that annoying sound through the straw, sit up straight and never to hold the fork like a caveman.  They warned that if you couldn't find something nice to say, it was better to remain silent.  While standing in the checkout line at Walmart a few days ago I was nearly knocked over by a group of rowdy children.  They circled their mother screaming, grabbing candy and demanding that she pay for it.  The demands became ear-splitting.  The mother was too busy texting on her cell phone to discipline them.  It was bedlam.  The gentleman ahead of me turned to me frowning and said, "I'd rather go back to VietNam than stand in this line."  I told him that I'd never been there but it was beginning to sound pretty good to me too.

The following day I was stopped at a red light in Marina del Rey.  When the light changed the driver behind me honked twice and passed me on the right.  What a glorious comeuppance when the next light turned red.  That didn't stop him from continuing on his mad dash to the head of the line.  At each light, he repeated his routine until he was four cars ahead of me.  Unfortunately for him and his new black Porsche he pulled to the right and got stuck behind a row of parked vehicles.  Nobody would let him out.  I stopped and gave him the Queens' wave, allowing him to maneuver back into the lane ahead of me.  Being polite to a jerk always makes my day.

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Miki Henderson February 24, 2013 at 02:16 AM
This blog has had more comments than any I can rememebr, good job Irene, you hit a nerve, and thank you!
Irene DeBlasio February 24, 2013 at 03:23 AM
@MikiHenderson I'm so flattered that you took the time to comment, Miki. We don't always agree on politics and I know it would be very easy to ignore my post. This is what makes you so very special. You try to find positive things to say -- which means you believe in good old-fashioned manners too. You Rock!
SoCalMan February 26, 2013 at 11:39 AM
I'm flattered that the two of you have given so much thought to me. And I like how G. Cruz implies that I'm a "loser". So much for having manners, G. Cruz. I guess you prove Irene's point about the death of manners. I saw on another story that you questioned my commenting at 3am. I'm up at 3am because I hit the gym at 4am so that I can be at the hospital by 6am and in surgery by 7am. So, yeah, your theory that I have no life is totally off base. As to my name, it's not really relevant. Most of you comment with your real names and frankly it hasn't improved the quality of your comments or your manners. But, if you'd like to know my name, just have the courage to ask directly, irene. Passive-aggressive isn't cute on a date and it isn't cute in a blogger, either. It's amazing how many people can be so rude yet demand manners from others. But, I guess it's how Americans have operated for centuries, eh?
SoCalMan February 26, 2013 at 11:50 AM
Oh and Irene here's what I said, "I'm sure your Christmas post was a joke and not a mean-spirited jab, just as I was making a joke (in my comment to Bob) and supplying an example of someone behaving badly." In my comment I also apologized to Bob if he took my joke seriously. And I want to thank you for confirming what I knew - your post was a joke, not an effort to be mean. Everyone exhibits bad manners was the point of my comments. Most of you proved it with how quickly you each resorted to nastiness, mob mentality, and innuendo with your comments. Hopefully, it will serve as a reminder that we are all rude from time to time and that we all need to improve our manners. Cheers!
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