MY MUSE BOX - Questing for Bangers

Who says the English can't cook?!


No, not gang bangers, but savory bangers to complement some mash.

The fall is coming… well, one can only hope, since it’s almost October and the temperature in our ‘hood is still on kissing terms with 100. But ever optimistic for a little chill, my culinary thoughts turn from salads to meat loaf and other more “wintery” fare… roasts, stews, soups and hearty English pub food (well, I am now and have always been an Anglophile)… more specifically, my taste buds started imagining the flavors of bangers and mash, which turned into a craving.

My husband promised he’d become my Lone Banger Ranger (couldn’t resist) and go questing for some bangers. I opted to join him on his quest.

We checked out our local super markets and meat markets. No bangers. Yes they could order us some for the next day, but I wanted them now! That night! So, we decided to go over the hill and into “the city” to the Farmer’s Market where we found fresh made bangers at Huntington Meats, a favorite meat market of ours. Gorgeous looking bangers. We had them wrap up four. Two for that night’s dinner and two for the freezer. 

Of course, while we were there we had to buy world-famous Chef Nancy Silverton’s burger blend of ground beef that Huntington Meats makes up especially for her and its customers that I’ve kvelled about on this very blog.

Since going over the hill is not something we do every day we decided to explore the Farmer’s Market. We hadn’t been there in ages so might as well make a fun afternoon of it.

Not a good idea budgetarily speaking. Before we finished we ended up in the Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Market buying an assortment of delicious, fabulous, amazing – and expensive - cheeses to have before our bangers and mash dinner. We got a slice of Tomme de Savoie, a wedge of Brillat Savarin (a quadruple creamy brie-like cheese) and a slice of Bucheron (a very ripe goat-type cheese)…This put a big dent in our stream-lined budget of 2 bucks for 2 bangers and a half a cent worth of potatoes for dinner. But even with these cheese tastes, dinner wasn’t going to be more than $20 for the two of us.

Back home we sipped some wine as we devoured the cheese spread on slices of a baguette that I freed from the freezer… and then sat down to eat our bangers and mash by candlelight. It was everything I thought it would be. The bangers were perfect and when I took that first bite, the skin popped and the fragrant juices filled my mouth. I was in banger ecstasy! Then a taste of the smooth mashed potato smothered in onion gravy to die for, then a fork full of peas (very Brit), then back to the banger. Food Nirvana. Really. 

Who says the English can’t cook?! Well, besides the English!


Check out The Huntington Meats (they ship)



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Bob Blanchard September 21, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Ilona, You are always mentioning food. Don't you know there are some of us who gain weight just at the mention of it? Anyhow, have you ever tried Buchanan Arms, a small unassuming place at 2013 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank,(really NOHO)? They have good British food and a small British food store next to it. If you get the Clipper coupon magazine, flip past the patio and window contractors and find the restaurant ads. Buchanan Arms has a two-fer in there so even if they weren't up to your standards, it is only half price. I enjoy their food but I am not an expert on British food. Good Luck.
Irene DeBlasio September 21, 2012 at 04:18 AM
Ilona, If you don't want to visit Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica you can buy bangers in the small fridge case at the Friar Tuck Shoppe, 13638 Burbank Boulevard, Sherman Oaks (next door to Robin Hood Pub) near Woodman. The bangers are frozen but cook up nicely. The shop is small but chock full of British goodies -- teapots, jams, biscuits, candies, crisps. They also make individual portions of shepherd's pie, steak and mushroom pie, cornish pasties, etc... eveything you could want or need, except topless photos of Kate.
Ilona Saari September 21, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Thanks for the tips Bob and Irene - I'm definitely going to try both places (might even write about it for Patch <g>)... and Bob, I'm not all that fussy, tho I do write a food/wine/travel/musing blog of my own w/ a nice following... I love hot dogs at Carny's (I'm a hot dog freak - in fact my very first blog here was "An Ode To Hot Dogs" comparing Pink's, etc. to Grey's Papaya and Nathan's ;o) -- and I'm always blogging about burgers wherever I travel. I love it all - from high-end gourmet cuisine to diner food <g>...


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