What the Frack is That?

Ed Begley Jr. and his friends are involved in an anti-fracking campaign.

What does fracking mean? It sounds like a dirty word, and in a lot of ways it is.

Especially when it has something to do with the environment.

Ed Begley Jr. has joined actor Raphael Sbarge (Archie Hopper, the Cricket on Once Upon a Time)—both local residents—on a campaign to talk about the leeching and drilling that is harming the environment in some areas of the country. 

Some more details can be found at:  BloggersInspiringChange.org and  Marianna.me and Hydraulic Fracturing and ErieRising.com.

 All these sites deal with fracking and some of it is going on in their backyard. Others involved in the campaign with Begley and Sbarge include Lee Allport, Marianna Nichols, Nichol Haskins, Jackie Pletsch and The Mom Bloggers of ErieRising.com

“Fracking is a method of natural gas extraction that has the potential to poison our families. However, few people even know it’s happening, and that means there is something wrong with this situation,” said Lee Allport, Creator of BloggersInspiringChange.org

“I’m so happy to be a part of the initiative,” said Raphael Sbarge, an actor and founder of the environmental awareness organization Green Wish. “Fracking is of great concern to those of us in the environmental movement, so it’s so wonderful to take part in a grassroots effort led by many of those most directly affected by the practice. These are the voices that need to be heard.”

The activists are asking people to write elected officials and support organizations such as http://www.ecowatch.org.

sandy January 12, 2013 at 06:14 PM
Thank you Ed, Raphael and the organizations bringing this important issue to light. The chemicals used in the fracking process are so incredibly harmful to our environment they are kept in secret. Time to move into passive solar and wind energy and keep our water and environment clean for future generations!


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