Dangerous Intersection Story Generates Response

Residents say they've tried but failed to get a remedy to traffic situation.

Here are responses to Sherman Oaks Patch's story about traffic accidents at Kester Avenue and Weddington Street.http://patch.com/A-h6Xy

I have lived kitty-corner from the school and my windows face Kester and have been there for 8 years. I can tell you we HAVE spoken to the council members back when Wendy Gruel was there and we were told that it would not be possible as it would be "too many" lights and would disrupt the flow. I can't remember the other reasons but I have personally seen MANY of the accidents and it stuns me how apathetic they are when it comes to this.. a crossing guard was almost killed and they still turn a blind eye. Needless to say I have a parking space off the street because the line of cars have been taken out at least 3 times since I have been here.(From TV Land)

Another response:

OMG!!!! Ya Think!!! I live on the corner of Kester & Moorpark and its the same thing every night & day... I would wake up to a crash & sleep to a crash . sometimes 4 accidents in a week... I would walk by the school & there would be accidents... Im dodging cars everyday walkin & driving... The valley is known for its Fast cars & Red light runners... Its like living in Europe, but at least they know how to drive there... People in the valley have there own Driving Manuel!!!! lol lol (From Reasons)  

Another response:

It's really sad but there is proof, it takes a death of someone to kick the city's butt into taking preventive actions! Common sense does not prevail in politics and the installation of traffic lights. Many studies need to be made, costs need to be appropriated, traffic flow impact accessed, and on and on.

Restrict people from driving by instituting sever penalties. If you don't have insurance and are caught driving, the car you are driving gets impounded and sold, period! If you cause an "accident" from running a red light, you lose your license for five years, period! If you don't have a license and are caught driving, the car you are driving gets impounded, sold and you are not aloud to have a license for five years, period! All driving laws need to have sever consequences in order to change people thoughts when driving. It's a privilege NOT a right! (From Scott Killeen)

Another response:

May I suggest that the reporter contact the neighbors and tell them to contact their Council Member's office for help (Paul Krekorian) and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation? Those are the city personnel responsible for determining traffic controls in our neighborhoods. (From Ellen Vukovich)

Another response:

Woodman and Magnolia is another dangerous intersection.(From Bootsie Malone)



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