Trucks Clogging Sepulveda Boulevard, Despite Warnings

Temporary height and weight restrictions on the road because of Carmageddon have reportedly been ignored by truckers.

Large trucks have been corking up the Carmageddon II construction project, and LAPD motorcycle cops headed to Sepulveda Boulevard with ticket books in hand, police said Saturday.

Temporary height and weight restrictions were placed on Sepulveda Boulevard, next to the San Diego (405) Freeway closure zone, for the 53-hour freeway closure period, said LPAD Cmdr. Andy Nieman, but some drivers of large trucks reportedly ignored them.

Sepulveda was reserved for "official use only'' and locals, and was reportedly clogged with construction trucks, residents and Caltrans and Metro vehicles. Nieman said the old three-lane tunnel at the top of the pass was a particular hazard, with its narrow lanes and reduced overhead clearance.

Moveable signs with messages to warn truckers were moved into place at 11 a.m., Metro spokesman Bruce Gillman at the Camp Carmageddon joint information command said.


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