Staying Current with Men's Office Attire

With so many different types of clothing now acceptable in the office, men and women must decide on what to buy to help them stay current. With the new choices come new problems as well.  We’ve found these ideas to be useful when shopping for new styles.

·        Think about how new items – color and styles – will with work with old favorites before buying. 

·        Be sure ties are the right length and width for your height and body type.

·        Avoid stretchy fabrics that can make men appear larger than they are. 

·        Remember that extra long jackets can make a man look shorter.

·        Shop with a friend to get feedback on how you look.

·        Never buy without trying on an item first. 

For more information, to find a location near you, or to sign up for coupons via our newsletter, visit http://www.flaircleaners.com/ or find us on Facebook.


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