Sherman Oaks Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Gasoline prices could rise another 50 cents a gallon if tensions in the Middle East persist.

Gasoline prices in Sherman Oaks are already at record highs for the winter months and prices could increase another 50 cents a gallon if the current tensions involving Iran and Syria continue into the spring, according to industry analysts.

The possibility of $5 a gallon gas is not considered out of the question if the  standoff over Iran's nuclear program escalates into a military confrontation with Israel.

The average price of regular gasoline in California is $4.32, however gas prices in Sherman Oaks are higher than the state average.

Generally, gas stations closest to freeways have the highest local prices.

Meantime motorists in Sherman Oaks looking for the lowest gasoline prices in the neighborhood can check with this link to find the best prices in town.

Hanford Searl Jr. March 02, 2012 at 07:33 PM
... Glad I moved back to Bflo./Niagara, where we have gas sales twice weekly & can buy gas at $3.79-a-gallon!
Momlee March 02, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Why are you not telling the whole story? Yes there are problems in the middle east but we have more gasoline available in the US if Obama and the greenies let drilling proceed. All the above should be tapped but Obama enjoys seeing us suffer because he's hell bent on solar, electric and the like. He nixed the pipeline which would bring us jobs. Even Clinton sayed it was a mistake. Please folks don't fall the lies this administration is saying. It won't be overnight but it's a start until other fuels can take it's place. Wake up or you will pay for your mistakes everytime you fill your tank. Start thinking about how you will vote going forward. You can start by asking yourself are you better off today or 3 years ago. We can make a difference if you talk about change in the future. Believe in your heart and your own family's needs.


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