Sarah Palin Shops with Willow, Christina Aguilera Keeps Hers Hid; Ed Asner’s on ‘Hawaii 5-0’, J.K. Simmons Dines with Kevin McKidd

Who's seen on the scene in The S.C.

It was big news Monday in the Twitterverse that Sarah Palin was shopping in Studio City at a Kmart over the weekend. (See photos in Huffington Post) Well, as we know, there’s no Kmart in Studio City, but one observer (who works nearby and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce) said, “I saw them at Ralphs and it was almost if they were posing for the photographers who were following them. She knew they were taking pictures when she was flipping through the tabloids.” Palin was seen around town with daughter Willow, and later in the day with her daughter, Bristol. (Read more in US Magazine.)

Although the Studio City Chamber of Commerce calls itself “Chamber to the Stars” they are reluctant to encourage paparazzi to the area and disrupt the businesses locally. Maybe in particular Sarah Palin . . .

While Palin apparently was displaying her child, Christina Aguilera was a little more low-key. Yet, The Voice judge played proud mom as she watched her son Max Bratman play soccer at Beeman Park over the weekend. Aguilera, who just turned 31, was on the sidelines on Sunday with her significant other, Matthew Rutler, and yeah, she was occasionally fielding questions about judging on The Voice (see more of the photos in US Magazine CLICK HERE) . . .

Longtime local S.C. resident Ed Asner has been in NYC for the past few months starring opposite Paul Rudd in the play “Grace.” The 82-year-old actor did get a chance to come back home to tape an unexpected stint on Hawaii Five-0 that’s shot at the CBS Studios Lot on Radford Street.

That was an odd move for him, because he was on Hawaii Five-0 37 years ago (with a different cast of course), and he’s reprising the role he played then, (and also in an episode last March), where he portrays an art expert and smuggler who is asked to help in an investigation. He said he loved working with Jack Lord in the 1975 version, and he said some of the older scenes of his appearance are weaved into the episode.

He also is busy locally with things like a guest spot of Hot in Cleveland, which also shoots at the Radford Lot (which was the former Mary Tyler Moore Studios where he shot that classic show as well as Lou Grant). The Hot in Cleveland episode gave him a chance to reunite with Betty White.

He is also starring in an upcoming TV movie called Two In, which is produced by the Hallmark Channel, based in Studio City . . .

Also, Kevin McKidd and J.K. Simmons (see photos in the gallery above) were spotted both eating at The Daily Grill with their respective families. McKidd is the handsome Scottish actor who cut his teeth in Trainspotting and went on to be Dr. Owen Hunt in Grey’s Anatomy.  J.K. Simmons was J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man movies and Assistant Chief Will Pope in The Closer.

Said one observer to Mr. Studio City—“So cool!”

Brandt Hardin October 09, 2012 at 11:23 PM
There is no end to Sarah’s means of selling herself for money! Palin is the ultimate political strip-tease, thrusting and rubbing her self all over a White House column. The dollars rain down and she gives them another sneak peek at what’s under that dress. See just how nasty America’s Top MILF will get for the cash at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/06/ecstasy-of-sarah-palin_15.html
Rich Addams October 10, 2012 at 07:29 PM
Can the Chamber or maybe SCNC ban the Palins and the Kardashians and maybe Lindsey Lohan from darkening our doors in Studio City?
Rich Addams October 10, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Has anyone asked the Huff Po where this KMart is?


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