Murphy and Pryor, the Sons of Comedy, Perform Saturday at Rain

Sons of the comedy geniuses are making their home in Studio City.

Brando Murphy is portraying Eddie Murphy in an upcoming movie. Mason Pryor is Richard Pryor's son.

You may have heard of the funny fathers, but these "sons" are funny, too.

They are debuting the Sons of Comedy in Studio City at Rain Nightclub on Saturday night. They did it last year and sold out and now they're looking to make it a home.

"I live nearby in Valley Village and I don't want to drive too far to work," quipped Murphy. 

The comedy duo came to the last Studio City Business Improvement District meeting to let local business people know what they intend to do, and also ask for a bigger outdoor venue for a special event in the future.

"I love Studio City, there are a lot of things to do here," Pryor said.

Last fall, the duo sold out 24 shows at Rain, and Murphy said, "We want to reintroduce the world to Studio City, we want people to think of it as a good comedy destination point."

The duo Tweeted out that a few tickets remain for Saturday's show.

“These young men are ready to change the face of comedy,” explained D.T. Robinson, Executive Partner of Thunderhouse Media that is producing the show. 

Tickets can be bought online at http://www.SonsOfComedy.com or by calling 424-249-0439.

Linda Rubin February 24, 2013 at 12:37 AM
According to wikipedia, Eddie Murphy doesn't have a son named Brando and according to his facebook page, this guy went to high school in Florida. Didn't the Murphys live in New Jersey. Only this young man does resemble Eddie. Please explain.


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