Most Romantic Spot in Studio City? You Tell Us

Free, or not so free, here are great places to take a sweetheart. Answer the poll below.

You can be romantic and not spend lots of $$ in Studio City.

Check out this list of some of the romantic spots, and places to sneak a kiss out of the glare of the public. And, then, some that are not so private. Have fun!

Universal Overlook. The area looking over and Studio City on is beautiful.  (It's where I began my introduction video to Patch.) There's a small walkway below that is a bit more private, or there are benches at the top with the map of the area. It's not a spot where the tour buses stop (like further down on the Hollywood Bowl overlook), but it's still a hot spot for tourists (and the property just across the street is where lives.) Careful, though, this park closes at dusk.

Along the Los Angeles River. There are some lovely strolls along the L.A. River. A personal favorite is on the north side between the Tujunga and but it is a bit muddy there at times. Another, with a lot more walkway and concrete is along the south side of the river, by the Coldwater Canyon, Laurel Canyon and Whitsett boulevards bridges. You can find some privacy, especially closer to sunset.

. Down from the , this walk is far more secluded and more romantic than. And, it's easier to park. There are more quiet places to sneak off the trail as well, and more benches.

Window shopping along Ventura Boulevard. OK, so it may not be so private, but if locals like , , and can do it, then so can you. A favorite tour area is on the south side of Ventura Boulevard between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Whitsett Avenue and then back on the north side. Park at the big lot behind then stroll up and down the streets, and don't forget going up and down the mini-mall strips along the way where you'll find cute little eateries like .

The Fountain at the . Here's one to score points. This is the only fountain in California known to be dedicated to a female pioneer that helped get California its statehood. The quiet fountain in the center of theadobe grounds is dedicated to a pioneer woman, Doña Bernarda Ruiz, who helped get both sides to agree to the treaty that essentially ended hostilities between California and Mexico and paved the way for California statehood. The fountain was dedicated to Ruiz, but it hasn’t worked in more than 40 years, but soon it will bubble up again, and even though it's in the center of a big parking area, near the Hollywood Freeway and across from Universal, it's relatively quiet and peaceful in this grassy area.

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Miki Henderson February 12, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Loved parking on Mulholland at night when the sun sets, discovered that way before David Lynch did!!!!


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