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Doughnuts and a Cafe Mocha From Holly's Turn the Day Around

Holly's Donuts offers comfort food that's tasty, quick and cheap (80 cents for a chocolate Long John).

It wasn't a great day today. The youngest was nearly late to school and I had a 102-degree fever after fighting it off for days. Later I found a nail in my tire that left me stranded with a flat in a school parking lot.

Well, it was close enough to walk to my comfort doughnut place, , at the corner of Tujunga Avenue and Moorpark Street in a tiny mini-mall called Moorpark Plaza. There, my familiar waitresses served me up my two, delicious, Long John chocolate-bar doughnuts and a large cafe mocha. (It was 80 cents each for the big doughnuts and $4 for the mocha.)

Holly's looks like just a humble doughnut place, but there's so much more. For $4 you can get a pastrami sandwich, and this morning, I also tried out their scrambled, egg and bacon on a sesame bagel for $3.50. It hit the spot.

There's a Thai Shake for $3.75, for those adventurous enough to go for the uber-sweet drink.

Bagels are $1.25 each, and a dozen doughnuts are $7. Cinnamon rolls and apple fritters are $1.50, and a plain old cappuccino is $3.

The TV is always on a local news channel inside, and outside are tables in the morning sun (and you can buy cigarettes inside). 

It was a comforting getaway, and I needed it. Turns out, the Auto Club came quickly, the Toyota dealer fixed the flat with no charge, I got a good idea for a story from the school near where the car broke down, and my fever broke before I had to teach class at UCLA Thursday night. 

Can I credit Holly's and the chocolate Long Johns? I doubt it, but at least they good.

Karen Young February 11, 2011 at 06:12 AM
Holly's has really good egg salad sandwiches too! :)
Boho Sutra April 06, 2012 at 01:07 AM
i'm so glad I opened my browser and saw this as my home page, as I need a break from work I'm am headed off to Holly's. Thank you thank you!


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