It’s Me, Heidi, Getting Interviewed About My Birthday!

This story is about Diane is asking me questions about my exciting Patch 10th Birthday Party last Sunday and me answering them.

My was so much fun that I am still too excited to write, so I begged Diane to ask me some questions so you could read what I have to say.  This is a very good idea that I had and so here it is.

DIANE:  In my 30-odd years as a professional journalist, this is the first time I’ve interviewed a dog.  Frankly, it’s humiliating.  Why are we doing this?

HEIDI:  This is for the peoples and dogs who missed my party, which was a big mistake because we had so much fun, balloons and cookies and games and celebrities and prizes from the Patch! I was hoping cats might come too but no. i my editor wrote that about 50 peoples came, which means probably half of everybody in Studio City came to my birthday.

DIANE:  That is an interesting statistic, Heidi. How did you figure that out?

HEIDI:  German shepherds are very smart dogs.  But guess who else besides half of Studio City didn’t get there in time for my party?  Our President of the United States the actor later in the week when he finally got here.  We had plenty of treats there for his dog Bo, who is a Portuguese Water Dog, but he wasn’t there either.  I was looking forward to meeting Bo’s Secret Service dogs to see if they carry walkie-talkies. There are other service dogs in the world but they are not a secret. 

DIANE:  That’s too bad.  But we did have some celebrity guests, right? 

HEIDI: Yes, guess who I got to meet?  , a little girl reporter who is famous and who interviews celebrities on red carpets. She is so cute and nice and interviewed me all about everything while her father shot video.  Also I got to meet her brother Parker who I super-like too.  And I signed my picture for them also. Our carpet was green though, not red.  Piper has long curly ears like a cocker spaniel.

DIANE: Those are not Piper’s ears.  That’s her hair. 

HEIDI: I don’t think so. Anyway also there was my famous Uncle Andy who is also really the animal photographer and Andy’s dog Louie who kept looking to see if there were presents for him in all the baskets at Maxwell Dog, a store that has all kinds of things in there that dogs like.  I am not sure Louie understands that birthdays are just for one dog at a time.

DIANE:  Yes, Louie is very enthusiastic about most things.  What other famous people and dogs were there? 

HEIDI: Well one of the most famous people in all of Studio City, Mr. who owns Spotless Green Cleaners. And his whole family came, his two children and his wife, and they brought me a present to unwrap, two beautiful bandanas I can wear next time I go to his cleaners or even other places if I want! I’ll bet I am the only dog anywhere whose dry cleaner came to her 10th Birthday Party last Sunday. 

DIANE:  That is your first accurate statistic in this interview.  What else happened at the party?

HEIDI: My friend Pancho also was there, he is a little brown dog I met at the park. So we invited him and his people. Also I want to thank , who is not an actual dog named Maxwell but a boutique,  for hosting our party and serving beautiful dog cookies with icing even though a few of us got a little excited and maybe peed on the floor. Diane?


HEIDI: Are dogs allowed to ask questions when they are being interviewed?

DIANE: It's uncommon. 

HEIDI: I am asking one anyway because I am 10 years old. Because peoples and dogs had so much fun at our Patch party at Maxwell Dog, could we have my birthday every Sunday forever? 


HEIDI: OK. Thank you very much for interviewing me, Heidi!

See some of the other photos and coverage of Heid's great birthday party:


Heidi Birker May 12, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Hey Heidi! Did you know Uggie from "The Artist" is writing a book? You must have inspired him by following in your paw steps!
Diane Haithman May 12, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Hello my friend Heidi! who has my name too! I heard about this Uggie book. I think I must be a better writer since I practice all the time on the Patch. Plus also I think Uggie is a French dog so no one will understand what he is writing except the French Poodles. Thanks, Heidi
Piper Reese May 15, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Aweee....It was ToTaLLy PiPeRiFiC meeting you and your human on your big birthday!!! Maybe I should call my pigtails "dog ears"! Thank you so much for including me in your article! ♥Piper


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