Henry's Tacos: A Comprehensive History in Photos and Video

See photos of Henry's Tacos over the past 51 years. Add some of your own.

Here are photos of the history of Henry's Tacos from the San Fernando Valley Historic Association, some from the family, some from locals.  See how the world around Studio City changed. Some of the movies and TV shows are also show in the photos. The videos include a short film made in 1986 called Henry's Tacos about an ex-couple who run into each other at a taco stand. It becomes apparent that something tragic happened in their past. Written, acted, shot, edited and music by Elizabeth Montague and Joseph Dean. Camera assistance and guest appearance by Tim Kepford. Other videos include an outtake of People Like Us, which was filmed there, as well as taco reviews and private videos. If you have photos, please add your own. • For Everything About Henry's Tacos CLICK HERE! • Henry's Tacos Testimonials: Why People Like Them • Celebs Jump in to Save Henry's Tacos


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