Henry's Sign Comes Down and Gets Preserved—See Exclusive Photos & Video!

When real estate agent Normajean Jonz saw the sign come down, she teared up.

Normajean Jonz watched the San Fernando Valley Relics preservationists, Jason Bowsher and Tommy Gelinas hammer out the Googie-style Henry's Tacos sign and she welled up with tears.

"It was so sad, 40 degrees, super cold weather, brrrr," Jonz said. "I fought back the tears."

She took photographs (see the gallery above). She not only knows longtime owner Janis Hood, who sold the business to a longtime but she also knows preservationist Alison Martino of Vintage Los Angeles, who was also going to help preserve the sign and was incorrectly identified as one of those helping out. (Martino had been in discussions with Hood, but ultimately, the man known as "the relic hunter" from North Hollywood, took control of the signage.)

Hood said, "I would love some part of the signs to be put back up whenever they find a new place to locate the business. But I am particularly interested in seeing the signs behind the menu board, those have some of the original prices."

In fact, when Hood's grandfather started the stand in 1961, the original tacos sold for 35 cents. Behind the $2.75 famous "gringo tacos" sign was the original, in very good shape.

Jonz said, "I met Tommy of San Fernando Valley Relics at the sign removal—such a nice guy."

Now the corner stand on Tujunga and Moorpark isn't much more than a wooden shack. People are still going by and taking photos.

"I'm going to Henry's sometime before 9 p.m....with a box of Kleenex," writes Jonz.

Click here for a Daily News story about Valley Relics.  See the gallery of photos by Jonz and Valley Relics above.

• For Everything About Henry's Tacos CLICK HERE!

Will Rogers IV January 16, 2013 at 10:35 PM
May the greedy Beverly Hills carpetbagger owner of this parcel see it sit vacant until 3013.......no doubt opening a Hookah Club here when a mixed use BS project fails....
Elizabeth O'Shadow January 17, 2013 at 05:35 PM
The man holding the "S" is Steve Balding, lifelong resident of the San Fernando Valley, who's first visit to Henry's was as a very young child with his grandfather. Steve, friend to Janis Hood, Tommy Gelinas and SFVR, had suggested to Tommy that he see about acquiring the signs. Steve braved the cold weather to help make sure the signage came down in good condition, packed it carefully in his truck, and transported it slowly to SFVR. Steve Balding is a freelance camera operator, among his other on-set master skills. He posted wonderful photos of the last night at Henrys to dedicated Facebook pages for other fans of Henry's to enjoy, and is in many photos taken by others. Steve cares deeply about historic Valley landmarks. When I asked him why he volunteered to go Henry's, he said he wanted to make sure the signs were not damaged in removal, and made it to SFVR before souvenir hunters touched them. Thanks Steve!
Mike Szymanski January 17, 2013 at 07:07 PM
Thanks for the ID Elizabeth... it's nice to know the sign will have a good place. Apparently these will not be added to any new location that Henry's will go to.


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