Begleys Named Among Celebs with Most Green Homes

The local couple join the list with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lisa Ling and Daryl Hannah.

Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Rachelle Carson were named as the six celebrities with "Deep Green Homes" by the Mother Nature Network.

They join a list of eco-celebs such as Daryl Hannah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall, Lisa Ling, Bryan Cranston and Tricia Helfer for having houses that are environmentally friendly. 

Lisa Ling sunk a big rain catch basin under her new house in Santa Monica, Darryl Hannah uses gray water, solar power and owns an extensive organic garden in Telluride, Colorado. 

A few of the homes mentioned are in Canada.

But, the Begleys are the only ones mentioned who have one exisiting retro-fitted house and a new one on the way that will be a LEED Platinum house (both in Studio City).

An excerpt of Begley's section reads:

Despite the ubiquity that comes attached with being Hollywood's preeminent electric bike-riding eco-ambassador, Begley has championed environmental causes for decades now (yes, his activism predates the "St. Elsewhere" era) and, to be fair, he still picks up the occasional paycheck as a working actor. And naturally, the solar-powered 1930s-era Studio City bungalow that Begley shares with his wife, Rachelle Carson, and daughter, Hayden, played a central role in the Planet Green series "Living with Ed" … all 1,600 square feet of it. 

After all the years spent retrofitting his modest two-bedroom/one-bathroom home and frequently bickering with his wife about it in the process, Begley is now in the process of constructing a new LEED Platinum-targeting residence — it's being dubbed as "North America's greenest, most sustainable home" — with nearly double the square footage as his old home and just as many energy- and water-saving bells and whistles. Says Begley of the net-zero energy project that's being documented, natch, in a new web series: "We've shown how most people can make their house efficient in an existing structure, and now I want to show how it can be done from the beginning."

Read more of the story and the full list, CLICK HERE.


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