Armani Wells Turns 21

The gently-used men's fashion shop is going legit.

Her store is going legit. Well, it's always been legit, but actress/entrepreneur Claudia Wells is celebrating the 21st year birthday of her shop on Dec. 19 which is on Ventura Boulevard—and it's hard for her to believe.

It's like her child is turning 21. 

Wells wrote on Facebook, "It'll be Armani Wells' 21st birthday in Studio City, thanks to God and my wonderful customers and clients."

Wells has a celebrity clientele, the young folks like to shop there and it's good for guys of all ages. She is also still acting, and got her big break when she co-starred with Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future.

Check out some of the endorsements:

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* Claudia Wells Suits Up Young Men for Prom

Let Marty McFly's Girlfriend Dress You Up

* Prices Time Warp Back 20 Years at Armani Wells [VIDEO]

Also find out about the charity where some of the proceeds of the sales go: KidsintheSpotlight.org.

Now, see part two where she's actually fitting a high schooler: Hands-On Dressing at Small Businesses Along Ventura.


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