After 31 Years, Roger Dunn Golf of North Hollywood Moves to New Locale

A CVS pharmacy is set to take over its old location at Lankershim Boulevard and Camarillo Street.

It was a family outing for the Barrett family at the grand opening weekend of Roger Dunn Golf Shops’ newly relocated North Hollywood store. Emily Barrett may be only seven years old, but she already plays a mean game of mini-golf, said her dad, Andrew. At some point she might just join her father on regulation style golf courses.

Andrew Barrett was there on Saturday with his daughter Emily and her sister Charlotte, who is four. Both girls love mini-golf, but “Emily could very well be a golfer,” her father said. “Her grandmother is a golfer.”

After 31 years in its former location at Lankershim Boulevard just south of Camarillo Street, the move took the North Hollywood branch of Roger Dunn Golf Shops a bit further north on Lankershim, just beyond the North Hollywood Metro Station.

The store’s employees, customers and Mr. Dunn himself have all embraced the change. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said store manager Max Engler.

With 2,000 square feet of added floor space over the previous shop, a wider range of merchandise is available, said Mike Hasselman, another manager. A golf club department featuring advanced custom fitting software was also added. The software tracks a golfer’s swing in order to match each person with clubs that maximize his or her game.

Customer Bill Perry has been playing golf for 40 years. He used the club fitting technology to select a new driver, which gives him more distance on his game, he said. But Perry was already a fan of the store before the move.

He regularly makes the trek from Bel Air because the company’s “personnel know their product and are very friendly,” Perry said. In addition, their pricing is “the best in the business.”

Barrett and Perry were both impressed by the huge windows and the amount of light in the store. Perry has shopped at many other golf shops and said it is unusual to find a golf store with so much light.

The windows recently provided Engler with a view he’d never had at work during his 22 years with the company.  He, his customers and other staff could look out and see snow on the Verdugo Hills.

Roger Dunn was a Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) player in the early 1960s, Engler said. He opened his first store in North Hollywood in 1965 and relocated to the Lankershim and Camarillo address 31 years ago.  Many of the shops he started still retain his name. The company was purchased by Worldwide Golf, which has 44 stores nationally, including the Roger Dunn Shops.

Dunn is 79 and still visits the North Hollywood shop three to four times a week and gives lessons, Engler said.

The shop’s proximity to the and the means that new customers are finding it. During the grand opening weekend the store held a raffle and many of those who entered had never shopped at the old location, Hasselman said.

The store’s former locale is being revamped into a full service CVS pharmacy, which is scheduled to open late in the summer, said CVS Pharmacy Spokesperson Mike DeAngelis. Existing CVS stores in the neighborhood will not close when the new store opens, DeAngelis said.

Pop March 23, 2011 at 03:18 AM
Isn't there a Ralphs grocery store right up the road? Another grocery store would be nice but a Roger Dunn Golf Shop has the potential to bring people in from out of the area as well as cater to golf players within the area. Golf is not an inexpensive sport, so the people will mostly have some maoney to spend in other local shops in the area. I don't think golfer will be detracting from the area at all. I hope the store does well in its new location. Why would anyone from the area wish anything less. The area does not need another CVS, there is one on every other corner. Get a clue Steve Devol and stop hating, we are lucky that we did not get a Cash Advance check cashing store or some other establishment to "serve the community."
morris March 24, 2011 at 05:19 PM
"Pop" - have you visited that particular Ralph's? It's disgusting. I'm another local resident (from just around the corner) who was hoping for a Trader Joe's , or something similar. Glad to know that Roger Dunn is a hit with folks who live in Bel Air, but we in that section of NoHo could use a good market. I heard that someone on the city counsel declared that people in NoHo "don't cook," and so we didn't need a market there (or in the NoHo Commons, where a 24 Hour Fitness is replacing How's Market) -- insult to injury!
Steve Devol March 24, 2011 at 06:56 PM
Wow, Pop, if you're not already on the Roger Dunn payroll, you will be after that love letter. Right, golfers are the best thing that could ever happen to NoHo! After buying their Pings, they'll just stroll down Lankershim in their plus-fours and scatter $20s into the coffers of the local gentry at Skinny's, or Big Wangs, or Panera, before heading out to knock the ball around at DeBell in Burbank! Meanwhile, we schlubs in NoHo will just have to get into our cars to chug over to that dump of a Ralphs on Magnolia, remembering when there was a time when we, and the thousands of other schlubs who get on and off at the REd Line station, could walk to How's to do our grocery shopping and keep our dollars in the NoHo Arts District community. Let's not think of what the people who live in the neighborhood want or need, let's cheer on the insulting lunacy of putting a golf store in the middle of an urban, pedestrian neighborhood in dire need of genuine retail options. And speaking of hating, I think the remark about the Cash Advance speaks volumes about your attitude. We wouldn't want those types in our neighborhood, now would we?
Jean Jeunet March 24, 2011 at 10:48 PM
Steve, I agree with you. The only point I want to note is that the Ralphs sits in the NoHo Arts District. The district is one square mile, not limited to just Lankershim and Magnolia. As one commenter mentioned, there's still lots of room to potentially develop all that land with fencing around it on Chandler Blvd. Hopefully it will have a Vons/Albertsons or Trader Joes or something affordable that can compete with Ralphs. Along with that, hopefully an AMC theater to encourage more of a pedestrian community.
Amy April 26, 2011 at 08:49 PM
Hey I remember when the Ralph's on Magnolia was brand new and the only sign of NoHo was a bus bench that read "Coming soon NoHo Arts District". That was a long time ago (over 20 yrs) and the neighborhood could certainly use a new nice market in the Roger Dunn location. That 5 way corner needs love too.


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