Newt Gingrich and Charles Dickens


Newt Gingrich could easily have been a character in a Charles Dickens novel instead instead he's a front runner for the republican nomination for president.

Dickens, considered by many to be the greatest novelists of his time, was fascinated by cruelty to children in the work place and by those who exploited that cruelty to become rich. Child labor laws have pretty much eliminated the use of kids under 14 for hard labor but Newt would like to change that.

A few years ago. Gingrich said that children of welfare mothers should be put in orphanages, like Boys Town, and many priests agreed.

Now he thinks 9 year olds at the poorer schools should be allowed to work as janitors. He would hire a "master janitor " (minimum wage) and the kids would mop the floors and clean the toilets. The children would get a few nickels and it would teach them "the dignity of work."

Major brands like Nike and others must be salivating at the proposal. They could relocate their manufacturing back to the U.S. Our kids work the assembly lines and the companies would save on shipping costs. Win win. But why only poor kids, rich children need dignity too! Proposal: every wall street firm would hire a "master crook.

He would teach the rich kids how to design worthless derivatives and how to bet against the U.S. economy. Kids with a conscience would be sent away and used as speed-bumps. Ol' Newt was flying high then he used the word "humane" when describing how he would treat illegal immigrants who have been here for many years. BAM ! There went the Dickens comparison and there goes the republican nomination.

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trojan2002 November 29, 2011 at 07:21 PM
You're a nut job. Plain and simple. So 2012 is almost here and the wingnuts from the left are coming out of their caves to tar and feather alternatives to the failed presidency we have now? Gingrich didn't say he would take kids away and put them in orphanages... he said he would divert funds to promote adoptions and support orphanages. But shouldn't you be following the orders from the party and be focusing on Romney. You want Gingrich to win the nomination he's an easier opponent than Romney. Obama has no record, no accomplishments, and has consistently abdicated his role as leader to the dems in congress, who he now blames as blocking "his" plans. You are pathetic.
Marty Vergari November 29, 2011 at 09:34 PM
FIGHT ON! I must agree with Trojan2002 in every respect. I would add further that Newt Gingrich was speaking about an "alternative" to those who would rather that unborn babies be murdered. He was suggesting that instead of killing the unborn, let them live and find homes for them. Lastly, Bob if you keep writing like a "hit man" for Pres. Oboma, I'm going to stop reading you man. Regardless of party, we all must wake up and fix this economy and get jobs for the millions out of work. Screw party loyalty Bob - please think about what your doing here when you obviously try to shoot down anyone you think has even a slight chance to beat Oboma and his failed attempt as president. If you can't stop being like a Chicago outfit "hit man", at least try and present BOTH SIDES of the issues in your writings. Fair? Thank you!
Dick Carter November 30, 2011 at 12:04 AM
For someone who can't even spell the last name of the President of the US, a fairly easy five letters I might add, well, then your comment to Bob is therefore relevant to you as well: "Bob if you keep writing like a "hit man" for Pres. Oboma, I'm going to stop reading you man."
Bob Kirk November 30, 2011 at 12:08 AM
Although it may be called a 'failed' Presidency, since the GOP took Congress & even before any failure gets a GOP assist, the sole desire is for Obama to be 1 termer- regardless I know, Democrats are commies & Republicans are patriots. Phleese.... The vitrol & line drawing needs to end. Hwever, the GOP goal was & continues to be to oust Obama. Newt is the smartest of the GOP group, but as with any human he has flaws, his "compassion" showed when he served divorce papers on his wife while she was in the hospital for Cancer, or the claims he smoked medical marijuana w.his college students or suppors military seizure & trial for US citizens who are accused of being a terrorist sympathizer, tossing rights out. Newt wants the 14 year old kids, who should be studying, swabbing toilets for $2 an hr. while some Corp, bills it out @ $35 an hr......Anyway, there is no real plan to repair the economy from either side from the YEARS of acts start with Reagan`s deregulations, Clinton's NAFTA & offshoring mfg,, Dubya's war, tax cuts & bailouts/corporate give aways & Obama`s continuation of Bush economic policy & rolling $ on a stimulus - tax cuts have NOT created jobs, deregulation will not create jobs, inherited milions/billions of $$ do not create jobs, confidence will & although a President can try to enact economic policy it's s Congress which has failed us, for YEARS....both parties are failing us ALL.... don't 4get is it the UNITED STATES not the divided states....
MEL November 30, 2011 at 05:19 AM
Marty You still need a proof reader. At least Dick and i see it.
Marty Vergari November 30, 2011 at 09:45 PM
To my new friend Dick Carter - I can spell his name but should I use his birth name of Barry as well? You do know that Barry is his real name. Lastly, Dick you and Mel should form the "typo patrol" and read comments just to find a typo while missing the important point - unless of course you tell me that my typo caused you NOT to know who I was speaking about.. But you obviously knew because you mentioned him. Good work Sgt. Dick of the typo patrol! The most funny comedy comments come out of the failed BARRY OBAMA die hards don't you think? PS I left some typos here for you, think you can find them without getting the big picture? Your new friend Marty. To my new friend Bob Kirk - Your first line backs up my claim - he has FAILED. Place blame where you or I wish it to be, the fact remains Pres. BARRY OBAMA has failed to fix our great USA. I won't bother with the rest of your comments simply because they're incorrect. Please check your reference Bob. Thanks for your comments gents. Your new friend Marty
Marty Vergari November 30, 2011 at 10:04 PM
Mel, My main man! Re; "proof reader" - I got two of them! They are Sgt. Dick and Sgt. Mel of the "Secret Typo Patrol". Now if only I could find someone to read the big points to you so you will get it - after all, if all you can find is a typo, you're missing the good information that might keep you from having to practice with me; "WELCOME TO WALMART".. HA! I love the "Dick & Mel Show" you guys kill me! Now go to work, find the typos right here in this comment or look at my other one posted today - beats understanding a guy, right? All the best Sgt. Mell & Sgt. Dick. Your new friend Marty
Bob Kirk December 02, 2011 at 07:08 PM
Marty- You can call an elephant an eagle but it is still an elephant & I am glad it does not fly! Failure ? was GWBush II a failed presidency? Clinton? Bush I Reagan? Carter? Ford....NIXON....Johnson....bet I know who 'fails'........it depends on your party what = a failure @ present.....so you grew up with 'Barry'??? what do you think HE needs to do to FIX the USA....a vasectomy?
Marty Vergari December 04, 2011 at 07:40 AM
Would someone please translate to me what Bob Kirk said? Granted I had a drink of wine with dinner but what the heck is Bobs point? What elephant & eagle? Bob, please know, Barry failed you and me. Surely you know that.. If it quacks and walks like a duck it's DUCK Bob not an elephant or an eagle... Come on now my friend. Marty
MEL December 05, 2011 at 02:14 AM
Give it up Marty. We say what we say in jest and you get too defensive. We all make typo mistakes. However, the big picture is we are all entitled to our opinions. Yes ... It does start with Mr Navarro who take the time and effort to blog on this site, just as you have the right to do. Your friends Dick, Mel & Bob Kirk
Marty Vergari December 05, 2011 at 08:25 PM
Mel, As long as you now say you were only making fun in a good natured way - I'll stop defending myself. But if you do get some time to re-read the comments (both yours and those of our other pal's) you will see why I had to defend myself from that pile on of typo cops. Ha! Of course we all have our own opinions and are entitled - but this means you guys can't gang up on me anymore. Okay? All the best, Marty


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